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royal glockster
06-04-2006, 08:01
mga bro! currently buying parts for my .38super gun project. I'm confused which to buy, standard or extended ejector? :upeyes: please help me decide. What are the pros and cons..Thanks!!!

Eye Cutter
06-04-2006, 16:05
this the part that you need. kelangan extended para ma tune pag eject pa side and hindi tumatama sa underside ng scope


Eye Cutter
06-04-2006, 16:08
royalglockster: i-detail mo dito sa thread na ito mga parts na kailangan mo pang bilhin and mga parts na na-ipon mo na.

we will try to answer all your questions as you build your light saber

06-04-2006, 16:56
Hi, Royal Glockster... Am also working on a project for an open super .38. Almost completed the upper and now working on the lower. Just out of curiosity what brand of lower receiver are you working on?

I wanted to get an STI frame but am having difficulty finding one. Checked Twin P but they only have for .40 and .45. According to them they cannot change the caliber to super, as the frames are already registered with the FED.

I checked another source for the frame but there are reasons to doubt if the frame is authentic, as they won't give the serial no prior to purchase and licensing.

Appreciate your comments or from anyone in the forum. Any ideas where I can get an authentic STI frame for a super .38


06-04-2006, 22:40
STI frames are not caliber specific.

Eye Cutter
06-04-2006, 23:25
kalokohan yung sinasabi ng twin pines. tama si bulm5. ek ek lang nila yun

try the SPS frames of PBD. alam ko mag sa-sale this july

06-05-2006, 01:13
Cool, you can still get the STI frames from Twin Pines. After completing the pistol you just need to change the license by providing a gunsmith's certificate. From there you can then specify the caliber change to 38 super.

06-05-2006, 02:08
Thanks for the advise, Guys.

Any gunsmith you would recommend who could assist me in setting it up?

06-05-2006, 02:19
Try mo sa PB Dionisio.

Eye Cutter
06-05-2006, 04:39
almost 1 year back log ng pb. tignan mo open ni mark. ang tagal bago mabuo!

try mo rin mag inquire sa first option, metrillo, col. bayang

royal glockster
06-05-2006, 07:33
Originally posted by Eye Cutter
this the part that you need. kelangan extended para ma tune pag eject pa side and hindi tumatama sa underside ng scope


Thanks for the smart advice, EC! will do that sir. BTW, deferred ko muna optics, nayari tuition youngest son ko eh not to mention my health problems. Told Boch about it, sayang mura na sana.

COOL, actually i could have used the frame of my STI .40 but i dont want to drill holes on it. So, i decided to go for SAM alpha frame (long dust, bakal pa). Internals, mostly ed brown. Barrel, schuemann 4-port hybri-comp, threaded(16,00o at Advance Weapons). Mags, ParaO from Final Option 3,200 lang bili ko. My lacking parts, ejector and MSH..and the optics of course!! Gunsmith? Plan to build it by col. bayang, sya gumawa ng STI ko. Di kasing mahal ng TW. :supergrin:

06-05-2006, 07:46
Thanks RoyalG - would you mind sending (PM) contact details of Col bayang thanks again

06-05-2006, 16:58
Paging DEENOH.....paging DEENOH, Kabayan ang dami ng nag-hahanap ng STI/SVI frame kit;) Let us know if you want to put up a "Group Buy" from the BOG'S. Basta ako naandito lang at naghihintay na mag materialize ito bago ako umuwi para hindi ma harang ang budget ko ni "BOSING"(missis).:supergrin:

06-05-2006, 17:57
let roland or tony olinares build your gun. tony has good prices. metrillo mahal na ata like roland.

basta open these people have the experience.