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Vault Keeper
06-05-2006, 18:49
I have a 12 oz caanister of WD40 that I store inside the CR (easy access) for use in door hinges, etc. I have consumed about half already when suddenly the pressure inside the can seem to fade out. And can't use the other half anymore...questions:

*Why did this happen? Is it the way it was stored?
*Can I just puncture the can and get the unused WD40 out? Is it safe to do that?

Hope you can give your feedback/experience...

regards to all....!

06-05-2006, 20:11
I am not sure if puncturing the can is safe but I've seen our vault keeper use a can of WD which he punctured using a nail to make use of the remaining contents. Para sulit I guess.

06-05-2006, 20:25
first yes you can puncture it. make sure it has no more pressure before you do so.

secondly wd40 and the likes are classified as thin oil to creep into places to remove frozen up bolts etc.

If you can use thicker oil it would last longer. try your auto oil. In my case i use fp 10 or militec and i applied it a year ago, still no squeaking on those hinges.

good luck

06-06-2006, 00:08
im guessing: the can is corroded from the outside, storage of any can in a humid area causes the acumulation of rust.in your case you stored it in the CR(you said)

Shake the can vigorously , it will build up pressure again if not maybe it has a leak already(immerse the can in water to check)

if nothings happening after what i have suggested just protect your face when you decide to puncture it(keep away from heat)be careful.

Vault Keeper
06-06-2006, 03:34
Thanks for the advise guys... :wave:

06-08-2006, 06:41
turn the can upside down, then press... sa tingin ko lalabas yan.