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06-16-2006, 20:48
Not long ago I attended a concert by the President's Own Marine Corps Band. In the lobby of the Auditorium there was a booth set up and staffed my members of the old 3rd Marine Division. I spoke for a while with them and it was great.

I was a navy corpsman and served with the third Marine Division on Okinawa from about 4/63 till 5/64. They were a good bunch of boys and I'll never forget them or that part of my life.

I later went on to serve with the 1st Mar Div for a tour at Camp Pendleton and eventually with the 5th Marines in Chu Lai Vietnam. But the boys in the old 3rd Mar Div stand out in my memory above all the rest.


07-02-2006, 07:05
3rd MarDiv III MEF Oki, camp courtney, Nov 89- July 90

07-02-2006, 21:55
3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division 97-01. (2 seven month tours in oki, Camp Hansen)

Thank you for you service sir. And just for the record the "boys in the old third mar div" are still the best.