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06-19-2006, 22:14
I always liked M1 Carbine. ACS has developed a retro-fit for the venerable little rifle.

I hope this will become available to us soon

The availability of the guns plus the many accesories that are now available for it and with availability of good ammo, I think this is one good bargain for most of us who has a need for compact centerfire rifles

06-20-2006, 18:17
I agree, Darwin. The M1 carbine is a very good gun, especially if used as a house gun. The sound signature is not as loud as an M16. New M1 carbines are being manufactured by Thompson/Kahr. Fulton Armory sells replacement barrels.

My only concern is that there are not many ammo choices for the M1 carbine. If only ammo manufacturers develop new ammo in that caliber (I speak the same of the .38 Super), then the carbine is the way to go for me.