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perro loco
06-25-2006, 08:30
Hello, my Renault Twingo uses on head tiny (fog)lights 5W bulbs one of them is burned and I only find here 3W or 12W, I donīt wanna go low, at least higher but no low, Can I use 12W bulbs on it witout fear of burning something like cables or fuses?

Thanks Folks


06-26-2006, 07:49
I don't know about your specific vehicle, but here's how I would go about this.

Assuming you have a 12V electrical system:
A 5W bulb is going to draw about .4 Amps. A 12W bulb, about 1 Amp. You'll need to determine the fuse size for the circuit supplying the fog lamps. If it has its own fuse, as long as its rating is >2 amps (more than likely it will be) you'll be fine replacing with the 12W bulb. If there are multiple lights being supplied you'll have to make sure that the added 1 Amp won't put that circuit over the fuses rating. I sincerely doubt that 1 Amp will cause an overload in the circuit.

What I might be more concerned about is the power dissipation rating of the fog lamp housing. Is it rated to stay cool enough with a 12W bulb? Again, just a question to ask to see if you'll have a problem. I really doubt that the higher Wattage would be a problem at 12W.

Hope this helps.

06-26-2006, 07:57
You need a 207 (5007) R5W bulb. I see you are not in the USA. I had a tough time finding the correct bulb for my son's moped (made in India) and eventually found the spec bulb I cited above.