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07-06-2006, 20:46
I don't know who here likes poetry but I myself am a big fan of it and I enjoy writing it very much, thus I wanted to share it.

The Fallen Angel

Where light once shown in brilliant eyes,
Darkness now resides.
She is nothing more than an empty abyss
Filled with deception and lies.
Light will never glow or shine
Inside these empty pits.
Where her love once showed in glorious hues
A soulless void exists.
The fallen angel sits
Within her heartless shell,
As chains constrict her arms and legs,
Binding her in this hell.
Finally she cries aloud,
Defying her own fate.
Her soul so filled with emptiness,
Her heart so filled with hate.
But no one is to hear
Her mournful, pain filled cry.
Unseen she’s doomed to suffer,
In darkness she will die.

~Meshia De Frostice

Within The Arms of Betrayal

Within the arms of betrayal
I rest my wary head.
A trustworthy portrayal;
Duplicity in all the words you said.

So what becomes of me now?
I have no where to turn.
Words could never tell how…
With hatred I burn.

All your kindness and caring
Was nothing but a pretense.
I was foolish and daring,
Trusting- I should have had more sense.

Forgive and forget is a foolish notion
Brought about by idealistic belief.
It is all a manner of perception-
My revenge will bring relief.

I'll probably be posting here a lot as I get hit with the inspiration to write.

07-09-2006, 16:48
What cheery thoughts ....

07-09-2006, 20:52
Welcome to GT :wavey:

07-09-2006, 22:11
Originally posted by Green_Manelishi
What cheery thoughts ....

I admit they aren't very happy but they serve as a reminder. After all, the past is bound to repeat itself when forgotten. Don't you agree?

Smiles I didn't mean for that to sound like it may have. I was NOT, by any means, going on the defensive.

07-09-2006, 22:11
Originally posted by misskitty5077
Welcome to GT :wavey:

Thanks. Smile