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07-17-2006, 15:46
So I've finished last in the first two tournaments, and I'm about to start Pebble Beach. I did upgrade my clubs to level 1's, as well as the discounted Nike balls.

Should I go for the Level 3 fairway woods asap, or wait it out?

Any other advice for a beginner?

I have played other golf games for a while, but nothing from the Woods series.

08-06-2006, 20:22
I have a bunch of friends who have gotten into playing that game. One thing they said they are having fun with is changing the look of the players? I guess you can pick and choose your clothes?

I am debating about getting it. I have never really gotten into playing that type of game, but people are saying it is fun especially when you get 10-12 people playing it online while they are also all on TeamSpeak.