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08-07-2006, 09:48
I'm currently SF, first base, A1C up for BTZ by the end of the year.

I've been offered a chance to go CATM with a waiver (they're severely undermanned).

Problem is I want to crosstrain to intel if possible. I know crosstraining from SF is hard, and if I go CATM probably impossible.

Need to know some things.

What does CATM do every day aside from run classes through the range? What's a typical day like etc.

What do they do when they deploy? How often?

How much do they get to shoot? I know classes are pretty much M16/M4 some M9, what bases have a different proportion of heavy weapons classes?

Stuff like that.

I'd prefer answers from current or recently-out CATM guys but anything is appreciated.

08-07-2006, 13:54
MrMurphy, you shoud have been in about 15-20 years ago. CATM was the GRAVY assignment. Mon-Fri. alot of have days. Today however since the merger. Alot dependes on your assignment (base) They have folks (SF troops) as you know designated to the CATM shop. You would probably be ok in getting assigned to be a full time CATM guy. However with the way Air Force (especially SF) politics is it depends on how many people your base has that are CATM and what your back office is like.

As far as fireing CATM gets a few hundred rounds for familiaration firing (FAM fire). You and I have discussed it a little bit before. You will get alot more shooting as a civillian police firearms instructer or SWAT member. If thats what you want. It's good if you want to try to go into that field maybe after the service. While I'm not knocking my AF brothers you would be better off getting some good civilian firearms instructional development schools under your belt.The AF and military in general really isn't preparing instructors for the volume they see on the outside. My team amd I shot around 8-12,000 rounds in one day (15 or so of us) once a month. The military hardly shoots that in a year.

CATM is a long school. If you wont use it it's up to you. the SFS guys are really funny though. Some want to be Rangers so bad they go to 12 or so weeks of hell through Ranger school for the "TAB" and never use or are allowed to use those skills.

Intel would probably be interesting. As a 21 + year Cop I wish I would have tried something else.

The other thing do you want to do CATM CDC's and then if you cross train a few years down the road you'll go to another school and do more CDC's? I hate CDC's but thats me. Just something to think about.

When you get back to the states you could cross train to say Intel and be a reserve police officer. Then you get to contribute as a cop but not get burnt out 24/7 being one full time and then doing the reserve thing. Just an option. Good luck

08-07-2006, 14:35
Yeah well that's why I kind of went "hmmmm".

One of my guys has a bad flinch and iron sight problems, I helped him some (he qual'd on the M4, but barely) so the CATM guys and I started talking and they're like "you'd be perfect here!" (they'll be down to 5 instructors by end of the year when I'd be available).

I don't know. Wife's OK with it if that's what I want, but intel calls to me. :) I'm good at figuring out what people are doing etc. Lots of people can teach others to shoot.

I'm also looking at going reserve and being a civvy cop.

Options, options....

Wish I knew if there was an active CATM guy on here. I'm in USAFE.

08-07-2006, 16:14
If your planning on getting out here is another option you might not be aware of. They have what they call the Active Guard Resreve (AGR) program. It's where you are on title 32 orders for your ANG unit. The AF reserve dosn't utilize as many AGR's as the ANG. the AF Reserve full time jobs are mostly federal civil service technicians. Anyway the ANG have both SF AGR spots as wel as Intel AGR spots along with other careerfields.

The pros. Active duty pay and benifits and you keep your time. say you have 6 years AD AF. Do 14 as an AGR get a full active duty retirement. There is no high year tenure so if say you are a TSGT or even a SSGT you can stay past 20 if you want. All AGR positions are set for at least SSGT/E-5 with then they taper off to the higher ranks ie the piramid.

The cons. As a Cop you will still be subject to deploying. As intel you will still deploy but not as much as a cop. you also as intel can pick and choose a little on your deployments. Also you might have to be a traditional member (weekend a month etc)for a while until an AGR slot comes open. There is usually alot of interest in them.

PM me and I'll go more indepth on technician spots and anything else related if your interested.

08-09-2006, 00:57
I've been active duty as SF and i'm currently a civilian cop and i will say this i make less money doing the civlian job but i enjoy coming to work everyday. yes every job has thier ups and downs but overall i love being a "cop."

08-09-2006, 03:07
Originally posted by coopesc2000
I've been active duty as SF and i'm currently a civilian cop and i will say this i make less money doing the civlian job but i enjoy coming to work everyday. yes every job has thier ups and downs but overall i love being a "cop."

The good thing about civillian employment is if you are needed to work over they pay you for it. No service before self speech while the one giving the speech plots his next promotion/back office assignment like a chess move.

08-09-2006, 12:10
Don't get me wrong i'm still in the guard as SF. But Meeko is right you work over your eighty work week you get paid for it. I'm investigator for my agency and average 20 hours over time the last three or four months. in fact we have off duty security gigs we can work, so the money is there if you ever need it.

08-09-2006, 15:43
Not to mention if you maintain mebership in a ANG SF squadron you can usually do a few days "extra" if you want. There are always extra days from somewhere. My unit is good about letting those of us in civillian LE work different shifts if we have to. Thats one other good thing about a 24/7 operation. They always need someone.

08-13-2006, 06:10
I don't know. Wife's OK with it if that's what I want, but intel calls to me. I'm good at figuring out what people are doing etc. Lots of people can teach others to shoot.

What kind of intel, imagery? I would think long and hard. The imagery school is long. Not alot of duty locations to go to. I know if you would go to Langley AFB, the work schedule sucks. Also you could look forward to deployments to the sandbox. Although, if you become very good in the imagery thing, there are some pretty good civilian jobs available.

08-13-2006, 08:36
analyst, targeting,etc. Possibly a specialist in one particular field.

Got a friend who's a targeting guy at the moment, came out of something else. He's basically "me" i.e we're pretty much clones age/thinking/ideas-wise, what I like he likes etc.

He really enjoys the work, and from what he's told me (no BS, the down and dirty) sounds like, aside from it being an office job and only shooting every 2 years, like what I would like to do career-wise. It was my initial option coming in but all the slots were taken for the year.

Lots of research, briefings, and keeping up on what's going on in the world (what I do anyways) and getting paid for it.

08-14-2006, 19:29
Originally posted by Rob96
I know if you would go to Langley AFB, the work schedule sucks.

This base is GARBAGE for you guys. You will get to work alot but my buddies wife is Intel and hated it here. They've since PCS'd and are alot happier.

I'm COMM and I'll be PCSing soon and can't wait. This base is actually garbage for anyone who wants to put in an honest/fair day's work for an honest day's pay.

08-14-2006, 20:15
If I'm not mistaken isn't langly the Air Combat Command headquarters? I can't remember i'm an old SAC troop. That explains alot of it if it is. Command bases have people trying to prove something.

08-29-2006, 16:22
Everybody I know that wants to be CATM either with the waiver or through normal crosstrian procedures are being held off because of all the mandatory cross trains going on. My wife just got tasked for a mandatory retrain into CATM or K9. There are people that want to do like a few of my buddies that get denied, and there are people who don't want to do it that get chosen. Go figure, it's the Air Force. CATM isn't a bad gig though. It's alot of work though. You deploy just like a normal cop would. It's not like K9 where you deploy as a K9 cop. You almost always deploy as a regular cop. My squad leader here is CATM and when he gets back, he will go back to flight. I wouldn't mind doing it and I have a feeling I'm going to have do a mandatory retain here soon.

08-30-2006, 07:41

Contact me via PM.

I am active duty, I did 11 years as a LE troop back in the day. Shortly after the merger, I went to CATM, so I could get a good assignment. Since then I promoted myself out of CATM.

I can give you the skinny on the job, and my take on it.

They are talking about putting me back out there now, but I don't really want to go.