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08-12-2006, 17:00
I finally got off the dime and took a couple photos this afternoon. We've had these up for 8+ years. I'd like to cover a couple of them to keep off the rain-drizzel. Two of the three stands pictured have been retro-fitted with steps vs. a ladder. An older man hunted with us and could not manage the ladder. He came out with his step-son and built a very nice (sturdy) set of stairs.

The other (the stand in the woods) was converted to stairs by one of my best friends. One of his daughters is disabled and could not manage the ladder either. So now, we have two more accessable deer stands.

We have a total of 7 on the farm (160 acres) and we average 30 deer per year harvest.

These are great stands for kids and other new hunters. We focus on new hunters. The frames/bases are all CCA with wafer-board for the sides. A swivel seat in the middle with plenty of room for dad to sit on an inverterd 5gal. bucket (the kids/new hunters always get the best seat!) With a guard rail/gun rest all the way around, the new hunters find plenty of places to rest their gun(s) for clean kills.

We may expand a few to better accomodate two hunters. My wife loves to go, but not alone.


08-13-2006, 19:46
Those look like some nice ones.

For the most part, I use a Summit Viper Climber. I think it is the best for where I live - lots of tall straight trees with no large lower branches. The Summit climbing stand is so comfy all day hunts are like a dream (probably because of the "nap-ability").

I do have 4-5 cheap wal-mart ladder stands that I move around for short hunts and guests. They sure do get uncomfortable after 4 or so hours.

Happy hunting!

This is going to be a great season.

08-13-2006, 20:53
I think it will be a good season too. Lots of bucks in velvet right now...that reminds me, time to get out and protect some of my trees! Dang they are hard on young trees!