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08-17-2006, 19:43
I got elk fever, bad! Getting ready to go archery hunt elk, deer, and maybe even bear, here in Washington... i can't wait!

08-17-2006, 22:13
I hope to get drawn for our elk hunt this season.

08-18-2006, 16:26
I pulled my first choice on bull elk this year. Should be a good hunt.

08-23-2006, 03:16
I have an Archey Bull Elk tag this year in Arizona...

Looking forward to it.

08-29-2006, 14:48
Drew a Bull tag this year in Colorado, can't wait!!!!

08-30-2006, 21:59
Good luck to y'all.

I didn't get drawn this year. :sigh:

09-17-2006, 20:22
I hear ya on the elk fever, can hardly wait to hike my favorite old hunting paths again. I'll be hunting near the FlatTops Wilderness in Colorado, beginning Oct. 21. I drew a cow license and also have a bull tag, so can take two elk this year. Will be hunting buck deer and black bear too.

This photo shows us packing out a beauty of a 5x5 bull I took on Nov. 1st, two years ago. A little bit of snow sure helps in the tracking the animals but this time a two foot dump of heavy white stuff made it a real effort to get through the timber to find the animals.

Just give me five inches of fresh snow on opening morning and I'll be happy as can be.



09-20-2006, 21:12
I didn't draw this year, so will just get one of the over the counter bull tags for coastal region. Not sure if it will be season 1 or 2 though....

I predict it will take me almost 15 years or more to get drawn for the unit I am applying for, since they only draw 11 tags for it each year.

I am hoping my hunting partner will do a party application next year for all of us, he has almost enough points to get drawn, and thats my best shot.


09-21-2006, 17:07
Got home from CO yesterday.

09-22-2006, 18:35
nice pictures, i'm jealous. i have a group of friends in CO right now elk hunting. they've been calling us daily giving updates. they've been passing up some cows and smaller bulls. a few guys have seen some nice ones, but just out of bow range. tomorrow is their last day of their three week trip, so everyone cross your fingers for them.

09-22-2006, 20:16
Originally posted by suckersrus
Got home from CO yesterday.

That's a very nice bull, congratulations! It looks like you were hunting the muzzleloading season. Tell us a little about your hunt, the rifle and where you got him.

punkture, hope your friends connect with some animals tomorrow. While it's thrilling to take a big bull, for most hunters on public land, passing up an easy cow or smaller bull is gamble against the odds, especially in the later days of the season. Any elk is a good elk and far better than no elk at all. One elk can make a year's worth of fine steaks and sausage. Just my opinion....


09-23-2006, 13:58
Originally posted by Hummer
That's a very nice bull, congratulations! It looks like you were hunting the muzzleloading season. Tell us a little about your hunt, the rifle and where you got him...


Colorado, western slope. I've been sworn to secrecy as to the exact location except to say, it is public land. We saw lots of guys that didn't even see an elk! And they claimed they were hunting hard.

My rifle is a Thompson Center Encore. 50 cal. Funny you should ask.
After reading about the 25acp conversion here and other places I decided to give it a try.

After shooting hundreds of rounds I came to the conclusion it is a waste of money. I could see not any difference in the amount of crud either in the barrel or on the breech plug. And having to prime the brass is just a time-consuming totally unnecessary step.

My major concern however, was accuracy. I visited the range nearly every day for several weeks. I could not find a load that would shoot a decent group consisitently. Flyers of 10-12 inches were not uncommon.

I tried several bullets, both Power Belts and conicals (sabots not allowed in CO). I tried several powders (pellets not allowed in CO) and all different amounts from 60 to 150 grains.

In desperation, I went back to the original breech plug and tried the CCI 209M (M for muzzle loader?)primers. Using loose ffg or fffg 777 and any load from 80 to 120 grains and 348 grn Power Belts I can shoot 1.5--3 inch groups at 100 yards all day long.

My advice is make sure it is broke before attemping to fix it.

I had replaced the factory rear sight and put on a peep (scopes not allowed in CO). I missed 2 big bull moose a couple years ago because the factory sight was corroded and stuck down. If you have an Encore, check that rear sight before venturing out.

The hunt? A cow responded to my cow call...followed with 2 calves another cow, a spike bull, another cow then the 5X5. By the time he showed I was shaking like a leaf. But I managed to put the bullet through his heart. We had 7 shooter bulls in our sights.

My house sits at about 15 feet above seal level. Hunting at 10,000 feet was the toughest part of the hunt.

Good luck to the rest of you.