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08-22-2006, 18:12
Boot Camp Great Lakes IL. August 8,1967
"A" School Memphis 1967
Rate AMH-2 Airframes Shop
Made E-5 in 2 years,PNA on E-6. Needed To Extend Enlistment To Accept,but my Orders were NAS Da Nang, soooooo i had already put in my 4 years and Decided NOT to extend and went back home to Long Island New York.
Squadron VF-101, Key West 1968-1971
F4-Phantom's Model A,B,J TA4-F SkyHawks
Senior Flight Line Trouble Shooter on Maintenance Flight Status
Tad: Roosevelt Roads PR., Nas Oceania VA., Nas Cecil Field in Jacksonville,Fl.
Presently Living in South Florida since 1990