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08-23-2006, 13:55
hello all have a very strange but curious question im leaving for boot camp august 30th the army gave me a waiver for my charge **unlawful possession of weapon** because they dont view it as a serious offense im going in for infantry what i dont understand is how is it i can fight for my country with an m16 but when i come back home i cant get a permit for a handgun??? was wondering if there is any way around it like getting it expunged maybe??? i asked my recruiter but he's bout as dullminded as they come

08-23-2006, 15:34
Civil law and military entrance requirements are two seperate balls of yarn. Trying to "find a way" around it due to military service will not work. I am not too happy with soldiers that try to influence thier poor decisions with thier military service. How about just be glad you got in.

Dont worry to much about basic. It is cake these days. Too easy.

Follow the rules, learn your job and focus on accomplishing the mission.


08-23-2006, 18:08
Your lucky that you were able to enlist. I was sitting with my recruiter doing paperwork when he had a phone call from another recruit who had the same charge and got some disappointing news. I guess it was a felony charge which needed a judge to sign off or something like that.

08-25-2006, 19:25
Sir Royale...I see successful past military service as a good indicator of positive future behavior. With that in mind, I'd wait until I got out (unless, of course you re-enlist) and approach the court with a request to expunge the record.

I'd be hopeful that a judge would see the mistake you made in the past as being due to maturity you did not have at that time, but acquired through service to our country.

As for right now, I'd be thankful that you were accepted and put this issue on hold for the time being. Very shortly you will have bigger fish to fry and the least of your concerns will be a permit to carry back home!

Good luck.

08-25-2006, 19:42
thanks guys i sincerely appreciate the response i contacted an attorney today through my father so i kinda got an idea of the steps need to be taken toward it i ship out tuesday....see ya later

08-25-2006, 21:23
Nuh uh! Infantry? Guess me and you will be roomies! Good luck bro!

08-27-2006, 18:35
I am charged in 1995 in Miami, Florida for carrying a concealed firearm. Its a felony charged in FL. Anyways he case was dismissed after it was determined I was within the Laws of the State of Florida, But still had a felony arrest. I had the arrest expunged, enlisted in the ARMY, got a TOP SECRET clearence, with no problems. I am now a DEPUTY in FL. So there are ways around it.