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08-24-2006, 21:49
A couple of shots from a good bowfishing day a month or so ago. Lots of buffalo, gar, a carp, and my first bighead carp (@25lbs). I shot a huge grass carp two weeks ago that straightened out my gaff when we tried to get him into the boat, i'm guessing 45lbs. He got off so no pic:frown:

08-24-2006, 21:50

08-25-2006, 06:15
Not exactly the prettiest fish ever (IMO) but good job and good shooting!

08-25-2006, 11:10
I never said they were pretty:) Just alot of fun to shoot and get out of the water system. I want to try the alligator gar down in Texas one day. 200+lb gar!

08-25-2006, 12:23
Originally posted by 357glocker
200+lb gar!

That is where you need those Rambo/Dukes of Hazzard exploding arrow heads!

08-25-2006, 19:47
Damn nice,357glocker dude.....good to see those fish get taken by a true "glocker '....

Came across some fellas a bit ago that were getting ready to go night "bow-fishing ", they actually have a club for this, and a tournament a couple of weekends a month, in spring through fall....

Their settups were and interesting array of lights, assortment of specialized bows, with lights attached, that they put together...

Reminded me of the rail lights on a firearm....very creative .

The guys were real friendly, sharing some stories of past fishing expeditions, and kills....I had never before seen this type or this expansive of a settup for bowing, if my eyes were better at night, I might have joined up with `

Good luck, sir....

imout :cool:

08-25-2006, 22:06
Yeah, that's one thing I haven't had the chance to do, night bowfishing. In nebraska it is illegal to use lights that are attached to the boat so it makes it hard to do the night thing here. I have a pretty simple setup on my boat. It's a platform that sits a few inches higher than the gunwhales on the bow of the boat and made of plywood. It works though and that's what matters!
give it a try, you'll be hooked once you stick your first fish! Some hook and line anglers look down on us, but I make humor out of it and say when the fish don't want to bite I make 'em!