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08-25-2006, 23:52
Well, my $500 (3 years ago) PNY Technologies TI 4800 video card went TU on me, and it looks like it's potenially going be a major hassle to get it replaced under the warranty. Grrr, PNY Technology.

Anyway, if I do have to buy a new video card out of this, I really don't care or have that much to spend again, nor do I need to with the limited games I play these days. Nor do I care to spend any money on a video card period without knowing it'll do what I need before buying it...since returning something purchased online/warranty work so far has proven to be a major hassle. Frankly, although I'm fairly computer savvy and build/work on systems all the time for myself and others, I just can't keep up with all the different numbers involved in understanding what constitutes a well-performing, reliable, compatible card, and what doesn't, since I don't have nearly the time for gaming as I used to. I just don't really don't know where to start looking for a card that will fit my needs. One note: it does need to be an AGP 8x card, as my mobo does not have any PCI-E slots in it.

About the most graphics-demanding game/app I use these days is Command and Conquer Generals and the Zero Hour expansion. As long as it runs that well (smooth framerate, no framerate dips or only a little during the biggest battles with the highest graphics level), that's the really all I care about. I don't really play any high-end FPS games such as Unreal Tournament/Quake/etc., so hopefully a good price on a replacement card shouldn't be a very tall order. I have sub-$200 I'm willing to spend for what I'm looking for, and prefer an nVidia/GeForce chipset card for compatibility reasons, unless there's a major jump in quality/performance for the few extra dollars....but again, I'm not after bleeding edge technology with bleeding edge prices here, just something within my modest long as it runs C&C Generals flawlessly, it'll likely do everything else I need a card to do right now.

TIA for all recommendations! :)

08-28-2006, 16:43
You should be able to get something like a Radeon chipset, 9800pro with 256mb for $200 or less, and it'll play a lot of current games just fine.

it always seems like video cards are way ahead of the demands that games place on them.

def. look around on

here's 85 ATI chipset cards from $100-$200.

08-29-2006, 09:05
I'm an Nvidia fan, so I'll post up about those - ATI is also a darn nice card.

I've got the BFG 6600 GT.

I think they are around $60-$90, depending on AGP or PCI-E. It's what came with my Falcon-NW gaming rig. I've had zero trouble with it and it's factory OCed. I play everything from America's Army to BF2 to Ghost Recon with it. It struggles a bit with GRAW, but works great with the others. I'll probably be getting a new card in the next 6 months and it'll be another BFG make.

Good luck and good gaming.