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08-31-2006, 20:49
I have a friend with a `95 GMC Suburban 2500 SLE with the 6.5 diesel and 240k miles he'll sell me for $2500.

There is a `94 Suburban 2500 at the local lot with the 5.7 gasser and 210,000 miles for $3000.

My friend says his gets 16mpg average; no idea what the gasser gets, but I've heard the 350's get about 15 mpg on the hwy.

The diesel is puffing blue smoke and I've heard the 6.5s are not a very good motor. Both trucks are beaters, but the GMC has leather seats that are really ripped up, but the body is straight. The `94 has a decent interior, but has a dent in a rear door, bunch of little dings, and a broke windshield.

09-02-2006, 20:41
If you are looking for a 4wd one I suggest the last few years of the square body suburbans 89,90,91. Out of those two that you mentioned I would want the one that has the best documented maintenance. Blue smoke is never a good indicator and diesels are more costly too repair. I also believe that mileage should not be a concern when shopping for a large suv. TPI gas motors are a dime a dozen, dead reliable, and are very inexpensive if the gas one should fail.

09-04-2006, 15:07
I found an `89 GMC Suburban with 120k on it with a new motor, new paint, 4" lift, good tires, and 3rd row seat for $3800 OBO.

That will likely be my wife's kid hauler and creek crosser.

For me, I will probably get a 4Runner or Pathfinder. The Isuzu Troopers are cool and unique, but I think the Toyota or Nissan would be far more reliable and easy to get parts for.

09-04-2006, 20:28
I drive an 89 Chevy Sub 4wd with a four inch lift that I installed and 33 inch tires as my main driver to keep the mileage off of my other two nicer rides. The square body sub's four wheel drive offer the convience of a straight front axle yet still has a comfortable ride with its long wheelbase. The Throttle Body Injected 350 engines can easily take two hundred thousand miles with minimal maintenance. These engines were offered in a majority of GMs lineup and can still be purchased brand new ( not rebuilt) from GM dealerships for just a couple of grand. The 89, 90,91 4wd subs have the far better transmissions and transfer cases that their predicessors could only wish for. I love mine and find fantastic examples in the local paper for two or three grand all of the time. The ability to tow and seat eight folks is nice. And I don't have to sweat the scratches and dents when I use it to hunt and travel off of the pavement.