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09-06-2006, 09:06
Chemical Operations Specialist

I do some of what that class. does, on a lesser scale of course, and I think it would be fun! I'm on a vollie Haz-Mat team now and I love it. I love it so much I wish there was a full time team somewhere.

Anyways, I was thinking about joining the reserves and going for that MOS. I've got a good job now at a nuke plant so I don't really want to go active, just reserves.

Does anyone here have any experience in that area, or know of anyone that does?


Sam White
09-06-2006, 14:45
My old unit (just left a few weeks ago) was an Army Reserve NBC unit. Most people in the unit were 74D's. I don't want to advertise what we were doing (we were tasked with something else) but the Army mission of the unit was mostly Decon or Smoke. Decon was decontamination of military equipment and vehicles (and personnel). Smoke was tactical smoke used in conjuction with combat arms unit operations.

We picked up a civilian mission a few years ago that would be a lot closer to your civilian experience. Most National Guard and Army Reserve units in the country are going the way ours did- more of a stateside mission than downrange. A bunch of us also trained with civilian emergency types and got a lot of experience and training that would carry over to the outside world.

If you want, I can point you to someone from the old unit who could go into more detail.

09-07-2006, 00:38
That would be great! That's actually exactly what I was looking for! Someone who has been there and done that! Point away, I won't mind!


09-11-2006, 19:08
I was in the Army fom 1997-2004 and I was a Chemical Operations Specialist.

I also had 1 deployment to Iraq.

I felt that what we did was not really the same as what a civilian team would do.

We too towards the end of my time got into more Terrorist oriented stuff that would deal with MASS CASUALTY DECON sort of thing.

Very cool, but if a large scale incident occured, I'm not sure 1 or 2 units will do much good.

We had a hell of a time blowing smoke though.

I can dig up some photos if you want to see what it's like.

Good luck to you.

BTW ... Chemical Guys are called Dragon Soldiers (Because of the smoke)

Sam White
09-11-2006, 19:20
25074, the manpower thing is something they're addressing now. The USAR and NG are supposed to be getting some more NBC units soon. My unit went downrange also, although I happened to be in school when they deployed. Why I never went, I don't know.

Hey, nsb22, I forgot to mention something else. In our battalion there were lots of 74D slots sitting empty, E1 through E8. For the 74D's you could move up pretty fast as long as you could do PT and made it through your schools. I ended up leaving just because I was supply and couldn't promoted get past E4 at my old unit. It was a cool unit but I was just looking for something different.

09-12-2006, 06:22
I believe just about every combat-arms company has one NBC slot as well. We lost our guy when he applied for and was accepted as a recruiter, so we no longer have anyone MOS-qualified.