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09-07-2006, 20:28
By Rachel Chumita

A woman has the right to choose. Isnít that what everyone (especially the media) has been screaming for years? Well, I believe that, to an extent. A woman has the right to choose many things. A woman can choose what she wants to wear, what she wants to eat, where she wants to shop, what she wants to carry, and various other things. Yes, you read that correctly, the right to keep and bear arms does not just apply to men.

Unfortunately, many women donít see it that way. Many women look at guns as scary weapons, instead of a great means of self-defense. Instead of choosing the right to arm themselves, women take useless self-defense classes. I am a strong believer that self-defense classes often cause more harm than good. They give women a false sense of security. I know, this firsthand because I took a self-defense class one semester of college. Every night after getting out of class I would think to myself ďI dare any rapist to try to mess with me.Ē All that changed though when I decided to practice some of my moves on my husband (then boyfriend). Although he is a bit on the smaller side, it amazed me at how easily he overpowered me. Iíve heard feminists claim that women are every bit as strong as men. If that were true, why do women have to meet lower standards than men for physical agility tests? Although Iíve met some pretty tough girls, the vast majority of women would not be able to defend themselves against even the smallest of men.

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