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09-12-2006, 01:46
I have a few questions about the scent elimination clothing.

I understand it will prevent a deer from smelling your natural odors. However would it prevent a dog from doing this? My friends and I are wondering about this as we have been reading a book on tracking. A German Shepherd or other dog commonly used as a tracking dog.

09-12-2006, 08:02
My thoughts, nothing will 100% eliminate your scent. It will helps to reduce your scent. If you think you can put that on and have a dog 10ft away not know you are their, then you are nieve.

As far as tracking dogs, a blood hound are one of the best. A friend of mine invited me out to his house out in the MO woods about a decade ago and we took a "washed" sock and carrying it to a distance over 300yards in a bag and hanged it. His BH dog found it with no problems, I was truely amazed and gain alot of respect in that breed of dog. Not sure if we left scent leading the dog straight to the sock but he did find it with no problems at all.

Even most other tracking dogs like curr,walkers, catahoulas and others are the same. When trailing game they can distinguish old scents from new.
Animals also like deer,hogs,dog and even a cow as far as that goes have remarkable sense of smell.

As with any scent elmination, masking,etc... you still need to practice the simple rooms of no smoking, downwind, being quiet, slow movement and not being highlight and using cover or vegations that breaks you up.