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09-14-2006, 03:26
Our squadron had mostly (95%) issued Interceptor body armor (IBA) and Blackhawk Omega tac-vests, which, more or less, worked fine together. A few had the old style body armor and LBV-88s (the chest mag pouches, grenade pouches and that's it). Some by choice used the older LBE.

Word from the boss was that MOLLE gear was in the works and already ordered. Then word comes down to have everyone shuffle through supply, resist the temptation to strangle the supply sgt (he's an idiot, the one we usually deal with) and switch to "the New Gear". Hopes running high, but realizing we'd been seeing a bunch of brand-spanking new LBV-88s on people....we went in.

The entire squadron gets refitted with brand new, but old school LBV-88s. So now we have room for our ammo, and.....that's it. Carrying flashlights, line badges, etc means getting more ammo pouches or an admin pouch.

Since I wear my gear attached to my IBA directly, this may not affect me, but being in a room with 30 ticked off cops is no fun. they might stop letting us attach straight to the IBA to be "uniform" before an inspection..... we'll see.

Since they cost about $150 per vest I think, they could have refitted us with Tactical Tailor MAVs and MOLLE pouches (as some units have) for the same cost or less.......but..... yeah.

09-15-2006, 05:22
One of the frustrations I had for my short blurb in CATM was the insane dogma of gear. I fail to see why managers do not see the evolution of current gear and get what works. Yeah, I know there is a temptation to get the newest and greatest whenever possible. However, for SF types, I would hope that command would at least have someone to keep a pulse on the right gear and equip accordingly.

09-15-2006, 06:51
Our new boss came straight from Camp Buka as the squadron commander there, so he's dialed in as to what's current on the market, but....we had a whole lot of 88s in storage, new, I guess, as opposed to buying 400+ MOLLE vests, this is a temporary "uniform" solution.

09-16-2006, 09:35
The one thing I thought was funny in my active duty SP years was the everyone must be the same issues. A lot of times quadron administration demanded the same placement of gear in the same place for everyone. That does not really work. Whats good for you might not be just right for me. I don't know too many civilial SWAT or tactical teams that dictate that. It is a better now with the vest type LBE's but you take your chances on if the Flight Chief/Leader/OPS officer/CC is an absolute idiot or not.

09-16-2006, 12:06
Well, we had actual tac vests (Blackhawk Omegas) with a lot of pockets that held all our gear, everything was generally fine.

Now we have the LBV-88s (as one guy put it, a "downgrade") which have four ammo pouches, two frag pouches, and that's it.

Nowhere to put Surefire, cuffs, line badge, etc. Cuffs can go in a frag pouch, but alot of the other little stuff, short of putting it on the pistol belt (where it gets in the way and can be hard to get to), we're sort of stuck.

I'm working on some solutions.

09-16-2006, 17:55
Nobody ever accused a cop squadron of making alot of sense.

09-16-2006, 18:36
Yeah, i know.

09-16-2006, 18:40
welcome to the military.

09-16-2006, 19:29
It's nothing new, we saw this coming months ago.

But I'm allowed to (&(!* a little aren't i?

Sam White
09-17-2006, 15:50
Former Army supply guy and newly-minted Air Force (Air Guard) supply guy here. I don't know your supply sgt. But I'll say in his defense that unless he's a Master Sergeant or above, he probably doesn't have all that much say in what gets ordered. He can make "suggestions." That's the way it was at my old unit and looks like it will probably be the case at my new one. Two of the Master Sergeants in my section were trying to get some better gear for our deploying troops last weekend and were trying to figure out how to get it ok'd with the higher ups. On the other hand, two of the supply guys at my old unit were big-time suckups that issued as little as possible and turned in as much as possible so they would look good for their next promotion board appearance.

Anyway, that's the military. At least you can gripe if you want...

09-17-2006, 21:28
Well the good gear comes from the top. The commander, etc understand good gear. MICH helmets and Safariland 6004s are already being issued or in the works.

This supply sgt is a guard guy (not a regular member of the unit) here for six months or whatever. Most of the guard guys are great.

This is a cop squadron, and this guy is a real beret-wearing cop unfortunately. I say unfortunately, because he appears to hate all other cops. To the point of treating us like criminals. Case in point, 3 of us went over to get some stuff officially issued to my flight and he had to make a phone call. I used my cell, but he has to leave the building and landline the sgt I was talking to on my cell (yeah... that made sense) and basically kicked all three of us out of the building insinuating we'd steal the whole place while he was gone for five minutes.

Considering there was THREE of us, and we come from the "best of the best" flight from all the other flights to deal with a major inspection, AND we're all cops, yeah we were a little ticked. Apparently the first shirt's had like 25 complaints about this one guy basically treating anyone under his rank (SSgt) like they're either morons, criminals or just scum, and refusing to work (ie acting like it's a priviledge to go out an issue someone a pistol belt etc).

We used to be able to just go in and eyeball the gear now and then if you hadn't been in for a while to see what was new (underarmor shirts in this case) and I hadn't been into supply since it had changed locations (six months) so I wanted to walk around for a minute to see what had changed (probably nothing, but this was standard procedure) and the guy was just a complete *(*!!) about it.

Thankfully he won't be around much longer.

09-18-2006, 05:37
Originally posted by MrMurphy
It's nothing new, we saw this coming months ago.

But I'm allowed to (&(!* a little aren't i?

of course, i do it all the time:supergrin: :supergrin:

Sam White
09-18-2006, 14:58
One of the two guys I was complaining about was like your supply sgt.
My old unit was NBC- most guys were 74D's. The guys that issue the uniforms, issue out weapons, etc. were supposed to be 92Y's. A full time E6 with a part time E5 to help. Well, this one guy (part timer) didn't want to sweat it out with the line platoons in MOPP gear and banana suits any more. So he got himself put into the 92Y20 slot... but he can't pass a PT test. He can't pass a PT test, so he can't get the school to become a real supply guy. And he won't ever get promoted without a passing PT test or a certificate for the 92Y MOS.
Anyway, he's not a real supply guy and he acts exactly like your guy. When I went to school and needed stuff on the packing list I ended up buying stuff at the Army Surplus store or ordering off the net just so I wouldn't get into it with this guy...

So far it looks like the local Air Guard unit doesn't have as many like him, knock on wood.

Hopefully, you guys will get a real supply guy when that one's gone.

09-18-2006, 20:14
We had some. One got promoted and went back on patrol.

The other deployed.