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09-21-2006, 21:22
Any gun showers out there accept credit cards?
Does this work good? Any problems? Should I try this?

Thanks BUZ

09-27-2006, 16:56
yeah it works, just make sure it authorizes and captures. Other than that usually if you get cellphone service usually it will work. Its according to what you use. Mine broke after being dropped and slung around by someones kid. But my fault for not paying attention to the kid more. lol oh well

09-27-2006, 21:47
Hi Georgia Tactial

Thanks for the info. Your web site looks great!!!
Have you had any charge backs or disputes, and if you did how did you handle these

Thanks BUZ

09-28-2006, 08:15
Thanks! I work about every day trying to improve it.

Luckly I have not had any problems that would implement a refund. Most of our products that we carry are not your wanna be stuff, its the actual main deal, name brand items. I dont trust off brand names and thats why I dont carry them. Hope this helps.