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09-27-2006, 19:43
I just bought some Razorcuts that were labled 100/125. Supposedly one can add a weighting collar to bump up to the 125 grains. But it seems to me that there is nothing that came in the package to make that happen. Does anybody know what's up with this? Do you have to buy something separate or am I missing something that's right in front of me?



09-28-2006, 13:04
Just in case someone else is in the same boat, I found out from a local dealer that the company evidently started selling them as separate grainages only. There's no longer a 100/125 option but they are still packaging 100 grainers using the old cardboard backing that reads 100/125 grain. They USED to provide weight rings inside the packaging so you could pick between the two weights. Hopefully they'll get this taken care of ASAP.