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10-01-2006, 12:10
Does anyone have one? Where did you get it? Does it look good? A friend of mine built a full internal roll cage for his offroad '87 4Runner and it looks great but the hard top wouldn't fit back on. So he recovered the seats in a weather proof material and then Rynolined the whole thing inside and out. I'd love to put this roll cage into mine but still want it as an everyday driver. So, I'd like to find a good soft top for it. Thanks ST

10-01-2006, 19:16
Can-Back is back in business. They are pricey but by FAR the best top on the market. The side windows roll up as well as the back, you can get it with no windows or with side windows and a back window, which ever you like.

Not mine but a perfect example of the C-B.

Then there is Specialty Tops and they are good but nowhere near as good as the Can-Backs. I had one that I JUST sold for 250 bucks, you wont find one anywhere near that price now days but it is gone now.

Again, not mine but one EXACTLY like what I sold.

10-02-2006, 18:59
Thanks I do like the Can-back one now I guess I'll have to spend more money. ST