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10-26-2006, 12:55
A Big Thank You to each and every man and woman in the Naval Service.

USN 1964 - 1995 Go Navy !

Jupiter, Fla

10-26-2006, 18:25
Hey boats, I can see you made it a career. Me, I got out after 26 years. :supergrin:

10-26-2006, 22:02
LOL ... Now that's funny !!! You made my day !!!! I know that feeling 26 came along and I just thought I'd stay a couple of more months then one day I got "that letter"... what a trip......

11-06-2006, 21:25
Nice post "Lakay"

11-07-2006, 16:18
Thanks mates for your years of Navy service.
I did 4 years during my carefree youth. 1943-1947. Age 18 to 22. Discharged as a Pharmacist's Mate 2nd class. (PhM2c USN)
I'm 81 years old now and proud of my World War II Victory Medal. It is the last victory medal our armed forces have.
That makes me a bit sad.
Fair winds and following seas to all of you and to all who wear "bell bottomed trousers and coats of navy blue." ;-)
navydoc in Texas.
I have a blog in case anyone is interested. Mostly pictures and stuff from my Navy years plus more from other parts of my long and varied life.