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11-04-2006, 12:21
I finished making my first batch of arrows for my new-to-me black widow. Next weekend will be their introduction to the woods and animals therein!

11-04-2006, 12:40
Very nice. :thumbsup:

11-04-2006, 14:45
Hey did you try 3rivers for the shafts? I like those three feathers but I haven't had very good luck finding all white feathers if I shoot and miss something. They are just about camo as camo feathers ;)

11-04-2006, 16:09
i've heard mixed reviews on 3rivers shafts, mostly that 3-4 in a dozen shafts will be straight. i haven't heard any complaints from rose city, so i went through them for the shafts (and the feathers/nocks since they were cheaper than 3rivers). i did, however, go with 3rivers for field points, broadheads, big dipper, gaskets, lacquer, fletching tape, and so on. i had a vision for all white arrows and decided to go with them for this first batch. if they end up being hard to find or anything, i'll change my thinking. on a side note, all of the shafts from rose city were straight. my only issue was that rose city sent parabolic rather than shield fletchings...oh well.

11-05-2006, 14:51
Sorry to hear that 3rivers I have used numerous times for shafts when build mine own. Their own work is superior. I used wood on my 45# Grizzly fir sml game arrows fly great.

11-05-2006, 16:04
How do you guys aim with a recurve/long bow? Is there a sighting system similar to compund bows of is it more of a reflex type of aiming? I have never shot a recurve or long bow but I am really interested in trying it this summer for fun and next fall for whitetail. Also what should I look for in a bow? Weight/cost/brand/etc.


Your bow and arrows are beautiful. This thread went and got me all flustered into thinking about a more traditional method of taking game.

11-06-2006, 08:39
Various means and methods are used and deployed by various archers alot of time we use and mix in both.

The old school archers like Fred Bear did use sights for reference for aiming. 2out of my 4 recurves also have sights mounting holes for attaching sights, so that should tell you something right there.

And also most olympic recurves are using sights also and it would be next to impossible to hit with the accuracy at the typical ranges 50-90m plus that these bows are shot at.

Now with that said, most of the dieheart traditionalist will argue sights aren't traditional and it should be shot more like how you just throw a basketball into a hoop with nothing but the natural aim and toss,& no stupid sights to be attached.

I myself use alittle of both "instinctive " and point aim or "gap aiming" with the tip of the arrow. I use the last one more so than the first method and more so if the target is longer and for me 25-30 yards is long ;)

With gap-aiming I raise and lower ( rarely ) the arrow tip at full draw to compensate for the inscreased distance. It's kinds like how a quarter back knows that the receiver is 75 away vrs 25 and he has to throw the ball higher upward to get it to fall at the receiver who's at 75yards. Quarterbacks and archers both use these methods and are similiar except we aren't thrownin an arrow at a moving target for the most part. Problems with gaps shooting is if your arrows aren't the same length it can throw you off.


if you tryed to gap shoot your 65# recurve with a arrow 30" long and drawn at 27.5"

vrs you tryed the same thing with your 39# bow and a arrow 32" long drawn at 28" inches.

Different arrows, different flight characteristics and different bows will do things different. That's why alot of old school archers discourage gap shooting if you shoot various bows.

"Instinctively" shooting is simple, you see something you raise the arrow/bow and draw and when you reach full draw you let arrow sail an hope you hit what you shot at ;) Very quick and is reportly quicker than any aiming solution ( compund/x-bow or bow with sights on them recurves/longbows to be included ) Since you aren't using any aiming means you can drive an arrow forward off the rest with a single quicker means than with aiming. This methods comes naturaly and after repeated practice can be effective and surely at closer in ranges. You practice this style at 5-7 yards and work outwards. I would use this method more so if a Bambi deer jumped out on sendero at 7 yards away vrs I would use gap-aiming or down the arrow aiming when trying to shoot a tree-rat at 18 yards in the lower branches of a Live Oak tree.

Since the deer is closer in, is much bigger area for a target vrs the squirrel is small and heck smaller than a coke can for my area ;), you vary your aiming task and with the squirrel in the above example your fudgit room for error is much smaller than the deer.

Hopes all of this rambling help. You can talk to 10 different traditionalist and they will come up with 14 different answers on what/why/how they aim ;)

11-06-2006, 17:24
+1. just in the past few years have i made the compound-to-recurve transition. i toyed around with the idea of shooting longbows, but never could get my hands on one i shot as well as recurves, although a buddy of mine has a bruin that shoots nearly as well as my black widow and i'm considering a black widow longbow purchase for next year. if you have a chance, try to go to an archery shoot. i've never met a tradtional shooter that wasn't more than willing to help you in any way they could. shoot as many bows as you can, if that's a possibility. i've shot a few recurves, bear, ben pearson, bruin, martin, black widow, etc and, in the end, bows aren't unlike anything else, you pay for what you get. as far as aiming goes, noway is right in regards to the gap vs instinctive shooting and my personal take on it is even instinctive shooting (even if subconscious) involves at least a bit of gap shooting. don't be fooled, recurves and longbows are lethal! i got a chance to shoot for an hour or so before work this morning. now that my bow is tuned for these arrows, i'm ready to hit the woods. i was going to try to go this afternoon, but the thunderstorms moved in. looks like the weekend will have to wait.

11-12-2006, 19:42
my bossman has 165 acres of prime hunting land. i hunted his place last night and stayed the night playing poker with the intent of getting up early and hitting the woods. with the 20+ mph gusts last night i didn't expect to see much. 3 coons and a few fox squirrels later, it was too dark to see, so i headed back to his house. 4am rolled around, i rolled over. 8am rolled around and a few cups of coffee later, i looked out his kitchen window and saw a small 4pt. i figured they'd be moving late in the morning, so i geared up and started hiking. he let me hunt his honey-hole (a pair of lockons about 25/30ft up, a bit higher than i would have prefered with a recurve). i wasn't in the tree 30min before a fairly decent 6pt stepped out on me. he fed around my tree on acorns for about 20min. i could have drilled him all day long, but he kept looking back behind him as if Big Boy was coming, so i held off. he ended up feeding away from me. the fox squirrels came out. after watching them for a bit, 3 does walked across a ridge about 80 yards from me. all-in-all, it was a nice, cool morning. no meat on the table, but just being out in the woods and getting to see nature at work does it for me. i'm going back wednesday morning before work to go ahead and kill something before gun season opens this weekend. i can't hunt with a gun until i kill something with my bow this year, friendly bet with some hunting buddies...they don't think i'll last. heh.