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11-13-2006, 05:43
Alright Marines, a little background first. I am from a multi-generational military family that goes back to the Revolutionary War, every man in my family immediate and extended has served in either the Army, Navy, or the Marines(except one cousin who dared enlist in the airforce and is somewhat ostrasized from the family). Military service is my families business, I am about 6 months from completing my degree and will have just turned 25 upon graduation, took a bit longer than planned cause I fooled around a bit at first. I plan to head off to OCS either Army or Marines after graduation assuming I am accepted which I am confident I will be. My father is career Navy Surface Warfare, 30+ years as well as 2 in Nato, he retired an 06(Captain). I have opted out of the Navy choice as I want to be on the ground, wish to avoid nepitism from his old Navy buddies who are all now Admirals and such(and I will not be somebody coffee fetcher), also I get sea sick(figures the captains son cant hack the sea). I have no false illusions as to deployment, I am full aware I will be going to Iraq or Afganistan, maybe both. I grew up with my father being gone 10 months out of the year time and time again, its expected, and deployment is looked upon as a right of passage by the men in my family.

Now my question, I am mix Korean and I would like to be deployed to the Peninsula at sometime to be near my mothers family for awhile. This is my primary reason for considering the Army as they have a larger force there than the Marines and I have a better chance of getting sent there eventually in the Army. I am aware as an Officer I will go where told and wont have the opportunity to negotiate my initial deployment as I believe some enlisted men are able, but I will be able eventually after my anticipated middle east deployment to request transfers to openings at different posts. I was curious what my chances are in the Marines of getting deployed to Korea, I grew up on base all my life surrounded by Navy and Marines and would like to keep it in the family if possible. Any info would be much appreciated. If it matters my Korean language skills are definately lacking, but my Mandarin Chinese is pretty good.

11-13-2006, 08:27
I was an 0331 (Machine gunner), and was deployed to Okinawa for 6 months, with 2 of those being in Korea. Not sure about any extended duty stations for Marines in Korea, but I have been wrong before. :supergrin:

As far as getting sea-sickness, I have about 11 months of ship time. For infantry Marines, you can pretty much count on some ship time.

Hope this helps. :patriot: :usmc:

11-13-2006, 08:41
0341 1/6Hard

Give thoughts to the service you want to be involved with before considering the perks that come with the service. I served in both Marine and Army units and was thoroughly unimpressed with the leadership quality in the Army. Marines really take care of each other and the NCO/Officer leadership in the Corps is of a superior caliber. I believe that you will come out a better man/better officer in the USMC. If you want to be the officer that gets to a unit and makes a difference, great. If you like the idea of checking the box and getting away with the minimum, go to the Army. Yes, it's bigger, and thats bad.

11-13-2006, 20:36
Even if you score a 2+/2+/2+ on the DLAP in Hangook there is little chance of going to Korea for more than few days with the Marines. There is 1 exchange billets with the ROK Marines but that is for Majors, so you would have to wait years in order to even apply and the route there takes you through DLI and the Korean Naval War College.

There is a small contingent of Marines with MarForK, however those are mostly for senior personnel.

You can count out being a FAO/RAO for Korea in the Marines, family relations will DQ someone from being a FAO/RAO for that country. I am pretty sure the other services have a similar policy.

11-14-2006, 06:45
Not being a smartass, but for future reference:

DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery) is to measure ability to learn a language

DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) is what you measure knowlege of the language with.

Mangkukhan, Take the DLPT in EVERY language you know once you're in whatever service you enter. Sometimes there are (tax free) proficiency pays added to your check, plus you might get requested to be an interpreter or get a special assignment.

By the way, the more important question would be, what type of job would you want in the military? Artillery/Infantry/Intelligence/etc.
That may make it easier to steer toward one branch or another.

11-14-2006, 08:12
My mistake, I always get those two backward. In the near future Han-gook will be going to the DLPT 5. If the other languages are a gauge, the rate takers getting a 2+ should go be cut in half.