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11-24-2006, 19:27
i love these things

tell me the good

the bad

the ugly

11-24-2006, 19:56
bad-Parts are hard to find nowadays.
good-Most drivetrain components are compatible with 1/2 ton Dodge pickups of the era.

There is no ugly. It's a good vehicle, that died before it's time. :sad:

11-25-2006, 19:28
I've heard the 318 is better than the 360 in them. My friend had a both and he liked the 318 a lot more.

11-26-2006, 22:45
is there a good forum about them?

Brass Nazi
11-26-2006, 23:10
I had a 92' with a fuel injected 318. It was my first vehicle and it has a warm spot in my heart. The 318 is a better engine than the 360. Good reliable vehicle that was very roomy and would not let you down.

walkin' trails
11-27-2006, 20:04
The Border Patrol had them for years. 1985 was the last year the patrol bought them. I came on five years later, and the old patrol guys revered them. The ones that were left had been converted to war wagons as defense against rock throwers. They were so beat and worn out by that time. I don't know how many miles they actually and on them. At that time, the 4X4s were supposed to surplused at 60,000 miles, and I recall that the odometers showed 45-50K, but the way things were at that time, they had probably been turned over (we were running vans with over 250K on the clocks). The BP's Rammers had 318s with automatics. Legend has it that they were much more capable 4X4s than the Broncos or Blazers, but again, they were pretty shot by the time I came along. I did have the opportunity to drive one that hadn't been abused as much or converted to a war wagon. It was old and an absolute dog on the highway, but I didn't get stuck in it off road. I prefered the Broncos because of the independant front suspension and they were generally more comfortable, but the the bodies and suspensions did not hold up anywhere near as well as the Dodges. If you can find a clean Rammer now, you should probably grab it because the sure don't make them anymore.

(PS: Don't buy any old Border Patrol vehicles)

12-07-2006, 00:57
Originally posted by tog
is there a good forum about them?

There's an excellent Ramcharger forum called

walkin man
12-09-2006, 02:24
I had a 93 ramcharger 4X4. It was one of the best vehicles I have ever had. The only problem I had with it was a head gasket blew and when it was replaced the shop didn't get all the vacuum lines hooked up right. This led to it running rough and missing till they were routed correctly. Also a vacuum line to the 4wd actuator cracked and it didn't want to engage the 4wd when put in gear. I was just about to order new hubs when the mechanic heard a hissing sound and found the leak. Fixed the line and the 4wd worked great again.

This truck had the 360 ci engine with fuel injection and got better fuel milage than the 96 dodge pu I had at the time with the 318. It seemed to hold overdrive better with the more powerfull engine. The 318 was constantly shifting in and out of od.

It is one that I wish I had kept, but you know how the trading bug can bite.

walkin man

12-28-2006, 20:21
Originally posted by tog
is there a good forum about them?

12-30-2006, 17:18
Originally posted by okie

Okie it took you a whole month to sniff out this dodge truck thread:tongueout: