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12-13-2006, 21:48
Well, I gotta recount this rather frustrating experience...maybe ya'll can give me some tips or at least emphasize.
Today I was out hunting ducks. Weather - 38 degrees, wind at 10mph, raining intermittently with some heavy downpours. Nice decoy spread, great location with flooded timber opening into a semi-flooded field. This is what I read in the magazines as prime duck hunting weather (maybe a little colder..) Anyway, the last time I was at this spot, it turned out to be a bluebird morning and there were lots of flights of ducks up high, but none would drop down. Today, there were no ducks. Seriously. I maybe saw one group of ~10 ducks. What gives? It seems like the day had all the makings of a great hunt, except the star of the show forgot to come...
Anayway, moved on and did some jump shooting elsewhere in the afternoon and got one, so the day wasnt a complete loss...
Any tips or reasons this may have happened?