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Bullet Jewelry
12-17-2006, 18:39
Hi Ladies,
I'm an avid shooter, reloader but am a machinist at my day job. I put these traits together a few years ago and make some very different jewelry as a hobby. Please visit www.bulletjewelry.com Ann Coulter wore a pair of my DS-308 dangly earrings on the show "Politically Incorrect" by the way....thank you very much!!

p.s. I do not mean to intrude here but have a humble hobby, support the Second Amendment Sisters and am a very pro-2A supporter...Thank you very much

12-17-2006, 21:09
Thanks for the info. Please be advised though that we require folks to be paid sponsors in order to advertise on GT. Good luck with your business. :wavey:

Bullet Jewelry
12-19-2006, 20:14
Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude. Ballistic Fashions is a hobby to me and I don't have an advertising budget(unless the price is very reasonable). I am an NRA as well as Gunowners of Calif. member and support the Second Amendment Sisters and Liberty Belles by the way. God Bless and Thank You!

12-19-2006, 22:13
It is VERY reasonable! :hugs:

Bullet Jewelry
12-19-2006, 22:17
Thank you...I'll inquire :)

Bullet Jewelry
12-20-2006, 19:36
I gave R. Lee Ermey a pair of gold plated studs in .25 auto caliber(like the ones pictured) this last July for his wife...I hope she likes them :)