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12-17-2006, 20:54
I have an 1985 4WD 5.8L bronco xlt and 1997 2WD 5.7L chevy silverado with 200k miles on it. I bought the bronco for a deer hunting vehicle, then got the pickup, so now I don't have a use for the bronco. There's a guy wanting the bronco, but doesn't have the spare cash to drop on it. He has a 2000 2WD Sierra 1500 with 117k miles and is entertaining the idea of trading his truck for both of mine. I don't necessarily need the cash and wouldn't mind having a newer, nicer truck. If he decides he is willing to make the trade, I need to decide if I am willing myself. The pros are basically a 3 year newer truck, fewer miles, a small increase in horse power and fuel economy. We traded trucks for the evening so one another has a chance to look over the trucks. So far, no leaks, everything is clean, no major scratches. I ran a carfax report on it...clean title, he is the second owner. If I was to sell the Bronco, I'd probably be able to get $2000-2500 for it. Any input?

12-18-2006, 17:33
2000 is the newer body style. You didn't mention what engine his truck has but it seems like it would be a pretty fair trade. 200,000 miles is getting up there, unless it's a diesel.

12-24-2006, 13:10
his 2000 sierra has the 5.3L. he took delivery of the bronco friday evening. looks like its a done deal. i'm satisfied.