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12-22-2006, 16:51
In Georgia the regs state "any 22cal or larger centerfire rifle or handgun using expanding bullets" there are no requirements of adjustable sights, otherwise my rifle would be illegal because it has nor sights only a scope

12-22-2006, 18:42
Your scope is the sight and hopefully is adjustable!

Here is Nebraska, there is not a caliber minimum for deer. A rifle round does have to produce 900ft/lbs at 100yrds and a handgun has to produce 400 or 500 ft/lbs at 50yrds. The only regulation on sights is that it can not produce a beam of light (ie. laser sight) cannot be night vision and muzzleloaders cannot have anything above 1x optics during the muzzleloading season.

12-23-2006, 08:54
In Georgia we used to have the rules about x# of FP @ 100yrds up until a few years ago, we also had the no scopes on muzzleloaders until this year although you could have a scope on your crossbow which up until a few years ago you could only use if you were disabled. These type of regs (ie..ftlb@100yrds) are almost impossible for a DNR law enforcement person to enforce, it would require them to carry around a chronograph to check hunters, and then you have people who use hand loads so going by the manufacturers information will not cover them, plus you have the variences in barrel length