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12-23-2006, 19:52
Interesting section.
I've loved the work posted, thus far.
This is my first post on the forum, and it's fun to see an area dedicated to writing.

I am a budding novelist. I've published three, and am working on the fourth. My protagonists are usually LEO, and since I know very little about weapons/guns...I decided to join a Glock forum and see what I could learn.

I, too, enjoy writing poetry, when I can. The following is a poem that will be used in my current novel...one written by the female protagonist.

The Calling

You don’t ever see me cry,
I’m the steadfast one, never yielding to the fears.
I keep my emotions behind a mask—along with my tears.

You don’t hear the silent tirades,
Or know the unrelieved grief buried within.
For the cruelty, I can’t change—the impossible battles I can’t win.

You won’t question what you see,
Accepting the comfort of an impassive façade,
That keeps weaknesses trapped within—safe, behind a stoic guard.

You never look beyond the badge,
And realize, I'm every bit as vulnerable as you.
All you really want—is the helping hand that pulls you through.

You don’t dare acknowledge,
That I might not always be perfect, strong, and brave.
You don’t want to see the tears I weep—for the victims I can’t save.

You refuse to even imagine,
What it might cost me, when I stand and fight,
Knowing the measure of a good day—is going home to my family at night.

“Why, then,” you ask, “do you choose,
To walk a path that is forever lonely, and one apart,
Weighing every breath you draw—against the beating of your heart?”

How do I explain the passion,
That drives me back, day after trying day?
It colors not in black and white—but in endless shades of gray.

Who then, can fathom The Calling,
The destiny, and duty that make one whole?
Only the brothers and sisters—and those that share my soul.

P.L. Reed-Wallinger

Miss Maggie
12-25-2006, 14:50
Hi, phoenixrose. Welcome.:wavey:

01-21-2007, 01:35

That's a great piece.
You've captured feelings
I've never expressed.

Mostly because most of
the sheep don't get us, so we can't talk about it with them.
And tough guys are usually afraid
to open themselves up to the feeling side
that you've put down in your poem.

As for the innocent ones who don't understand us...

I don't blame them.
Sheep are sheep because,
well, they are sheep. And that's OK.
I'm glad they get to be sheep. I wish everyone
could be a sheep. But you and I know it can't
work that way, because of the wolves. Who will
always be with us.

That's why the world needs us sheepdogs.
It's all good. I'm happy and proud of being who I am.
I just don't talk about it to anybody. I don't need any
thanks. I'm just doing what my Dad taught me. Do the next right thing. So I do. And that's OK.

Thanks for sharing. It gives me comfort somehow.


PS My budding writing is in the area of unarmed close quarters combat. Only what works. I just retired, so now I have time to write. We'll see what this forum brings.

02-04-2007, 22:29
PHOENIXROSE.I'm glad i found this area of the forum.That was quite good imho.very accurate and yet with feeling.I thik your on the right resource,im thinking of writing some myself.i have a good bit of it sorted out,but its still all up in the grey matter so far.Thinking of taking a class ,i just cant seem to find the spark needed to launch story.i feel it will come out eventually.Thanks for the read.Very enjoyable.:wavey:

02-23-2007, 03:38
Hello and welcome! :wavey: