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12-26-2006, 03:44
I never copyrighted my short Sci-Fi storirs. I guess I need to do something, send myself my works by registered letter before I post my short stories here.

Asimov magazine rejected my works so I never took any more effort to get them published.

Anyone want to see my stuff?

I used to write Sci-Fi like Dune, Starship Troopers, The Beserker series, Perry Rodan, The Bolo series, Might and Majic, etc. :supergrin:

12-27-2006, 21:26
I'll give it a look. Love reading SciFi.

07-30-2007, 10:10
PHASE Warriors

Tallon Wen 6. The days grow longer now and the sun fills the sky for three quarters of the day. And it is terribly hot. If it were not for our distillations suits we would die in a few hours. These distil suits recycle our bodies water and store it for us. The rationed water we save for special occasions to celebrate our victories or comfort the dyeing. This God forsaken rock does not deserve our efforts. If it were not for the Tri-drillion ore that is mined here it wouldn't even be a stop over point for Military transports!

The wind blows that dammed sand constantly. You can hear it bouncing off your helmet every moment your topside. You never get used to that rustling noise. At first I was jumping for my side arm at every swish. After a while you can tell a man moving about from the sand blowing up against your gear. We of the PHASE have other ways to detect a man moving about. The PHASE you ask? We move through matter like wind through a screen. The PHASE is a special breed.
Only 5% of the known galaxy's population has the potential to become one of the PHASE. Even less develop their skills to any usable level of competency.

We are natural transmutes. We can distort our bodiesí molecular alignment to allow ourselves to slip between the molecules of the matter around us. We shift PHASE with space norm and the dimension we travel through. Like wraiths we maintain just enough of a presence in this dimension to detect and sense the going on around us and to act on them. We are the Ultimate mercenaries. We can move nearly undetectable in and around the battlefield. We are bombers, sappers, assassins, couriers, and shock troops to whom ever can pay our price and to whom ever we chose. Stealthily slipping through the enemy lines, carrying anti-matter devices to the heart of the base camps and spaceports of our opponents. We can eliminate Staff level officers, dignitaries, and heads of state. We act out the orders of our Clients, as we see fit.

No one dares cross us. Only a few fools have tried to betray us and all have met a most untimely fate. We are a Brotherhood you see, a very close nit and kindred group. Each of us is like blood relations. No closer bond will find than within the PHASE. People whisper that word, in fear, in dread, in doubt. Some question our existence others swear we exist. Our opponents KNOW we do. Many have tried to thwart us, to develop counter-measures and anti-PHASE weaponry. Most of the devices are only an annoyance to all but our youngest brethren.

I command the PHASE operations in this Sector of the Empire. My troops and I are stationed here to protect the mining operations. High command has called up all forces in the Southern sector to move on the Corinite supply base at Rwanda Sen 5. The Enemy has placed 2 battalions of heavy armored transports there, in hopes of hitting our port at Raleigh 2... These orders were of no surprise to me.

The Corinite didn't know I had stolen their plans from under the nose of the Courier Mallard Drexel. Normally I would have sent Wesley or Zen but I needed to attend to this myself. I booked passage on the Star liner Galleonís Star at
Salem 1. Mallard had boarded at Calderon 7 and would be feeling safe by now.

They must be desperate to rely on fools like Him! On my way to breakfast I paced myself to enter the lift with Mallard. "Good mourning!" As I put out my hand to introduce myself. "I am Serdriin Verryel of the Maxol Export Guild!" He looked at me with a sigh of relief, "Hello, I'm Mallard Drexel I, uh, work in public relations myself." I respond, "Public relations? Isn't that painting an old wagon to look new?" "Not at all," he replied, "I just show the public what they want to see." "Right," I reply. As we sit down to breakfast I place my hand on his coffee cup. I PHASE my finger through the cup leaving a sleep drug on the inside. We continued to verbally spar having a nice little chat. As we stand to leave Mallard says, "I believe I'll take a nap, space travel always make me tired", pathetic little worm. The little slug should have been jazzed on stimo. Instead he'll sleep until lunch and my drug will see to that. A fool and his money... Ha! It will be a cakewalk!

It was a simply task to PHASE into his cabin and borrow the battle plans. As I PHASE my hand into his security valise it was obvious He had it rigged with a molecular disrupter field! It hurts like hell but I get the plans. I run them through the replication device in my valise and turn to look at Mallard. I should finish him here and now! NO that would be obvious. I place the plans safe and sound in his travel bag and leave. Later we meet for lunch and talk politics. What a fool!

I walk into General Zane's maximum-security office like I was on a country stroll. He rages, "Who do you think you are barging in here like this? Everyone goes through security! Everyone, do you understand!" I look him in the eye, "Everyone? Remember me Zane, I saved you butt at Charlie 6!" Zane glares at me but says nothing. "When your division was blind-sided I pulled your fat out of the fire! That's who I am General!" He stares at me for a minute then says, "What do you want?" I reply, "Here are the Corinite attack plans for Raleigh 2." I throw them on his desk, "There's that small sum you owe us, you know, the 300 Million credits! Your late again!" Zane face turns red and He growls; "I'll pay you when this operation is finished, not before!" "Not so Zane," I restrain myself and continue, "We agreed payment upon completion of each campaign! PAY UP NOW!" He screams, "GUARDS!" They run in, I turn and go MAX PHASE. (PHASE out until there is hardly any thing physically left of me). I jump through them do a 180 and put my hands at the base of their skulls. I solidify my fingertips on their nerve bundles. I never heard men scream like that before! They both go down fast. "No permanent damage Zane, I could have just a easily killed them, PAY UP!" He issues the voucher and as I leave there's this obvious realization I can't trust Zane anymore.

We were facing a superior force of numbers at Rwanda Sen 5. Even with twice the firepower they were doomed to fail! We know there every move! General Zane is jazzed to the max! He had requested a company of PHASE prepare and plant explosives in the lead armored tracks the night before the operation. It was to have been child's play... Zane crossed us big time!

We disembark from the transports. The Heavy Cruisers are jamming the Corinite's Scanners to NULMAX. We set down and prepare our counter attack. Our forces are set to hit the Corinite raiding party as they clear the ridge outside the base. Just before they are to jump off to their transports. It was to be fast and hard. Knock out the lead vehicles with the hidden charges and move in quick during the confusion. We tear at them from the northwest and northeast flanks. It should take .40-hour max. But Zane holds back his fast attack craft to long, the Corinite forces have time to regroup and they hit us before we clear the sand shield. I scream into the COM link, "Brake off, order Alpha Gamma Omega!" To late they split us into two groups and tear into us from both sides! Thirty percent of my armored skimmers go down in the first .10 of hour. Only twenty of my brothers escape death and thirty die immediately, even a PHASE can die! I go insane! I scream, "Emergency Order 17 Alpha Epsilon!" A tactical split we turn and run fast in five directions. Fifty PHASE troops pull heavy weapons from vehicle's stores and drop into the sand. A tactic the Corinite never expected. A troop in full PHASE can carry an outrageous amount of weight. Matter doesn't carry as much mass in PHASE as it does in this dimension. I can carry nearly a ton myself.

We team up into three man strike forces. Dropping mines into the sand and moving under ground using our flight belts to propel us. We use proximity detectors, metal sensors, and telemetry to locate their equipment. Our surface units slow down enough for us to plant a charge on their belly plates or pop up and set up a heavy blaster behind the attacking force. Then POW!!! We hit them fast, hard, and frequent. Devastating and effective!

I was rising up out of the sand when Wesley screams into his COM link "On your left flank, drop fast!" A HEAVY track was breaking the crest of the hill and had opened up on me. I drop the gear into the sand and go MAX PHASE and pull a Neutrino grenade from my web gear. The Track passes around me, thought he had smashed me to atoms, wrong assumption buddy. I solidify inside the Trackís engine compartment, PHASE my hand and stuff the grenade into inlet of the Plasma coolant pump. I hit MAX PHASE again drop behind him like a kite, you kind of float in mid air when you hit MAX PHASE. Ten seconds later he BLOWS into low orbit as his Antimatter converter hits thermal overload, BLAM! There is one less more Sand Track. HA HAH HAH! "Thanks Wesley, grab your gear and meet me at .175 November Lima x .166 Whiskey Lima." "Roger that Sed." Wes was on his way and Zen was dropping his gear as I spoke. I was carrying a Level 5 Neutrino cannon. Zen had a control unit and Wes the power inverters. The rig will punch a hole through a 250 mm Carbonate Armor plate. To bad their HEAVY tracks only got 25 mm armor. As Wesley arrives Zen and I set up the cannon, patch in the power inverters and punch the green light. We start blasting APCs just like fish in a barrel. WHOOEEE! Armor melting and parts fling for Kilometers in every direction. They have no idea what hit'em. My forces take out three Hundred of their APCs, Whoosh, up like Fireworks. No raid on Raleigh 2 for these birds they're meeting their freak god Sella by now. Seventy five percent of the Coriniteís raiding party gone up in .45 of an hour. The rest are disabled by PHASE intrusion and surrender. Most of my men only disable the vehicles, as my standing orders are to take prisoners. I got a little hot about getting run over! So what's a couple of tracks now and then? Anyway we broke their attack before it got started. That'll give them something to think about.

It is too bad about General Zane though. Somehow his command vehicle takes a direct hit from a Corinite Anti-armor missile? Strange how these things happen in the heat of battle?

As we get planet side I report Zane died a hero's death. He's posthumously awarded the Vincelli Cross for Valor. GAG! I nearly barf at the presentation ceremony. As we pass in review I mutter to myself, "To bad Zane. I warned you not to cross us." I am glad he was a bachelor. Would've hated to see his wife and kids crying at the funeral.

So continues the Travelerís Tales.