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12-27-2006, 20:02
Does anyone have experience with game-trail cameras?

My wife and I want to buy one, but first we thought it best to ask around to see which "flavor(s)" are best liked.

Some of our thoughts:

+We'd like to capture a peak at some of the deer and other critters on our farm.

+We think a digital (vs. 35mm) camera would be best for us.

+We do not know what features are key????

+We think we might spend $250.00 +/-

+What do you think about the infra-red flash vs. traditional white light flash?? We think the "invisible" flash might be good should our camera encounter a trespasser sneaking in or out of our farm...our thinking is that should the trespasser be "flashed" he/she would no doubt attempt to destroy/steal the camera.

+What about locking the camera to a tree? Is it worth the effort?

+Are there particular brands that shine above others?

Thank you!


12-28-2006, 00:18
I've got 6 cams

2 of the Cuddyback 3000s - Nice camera and I like it best. It was my first.

I've got one crappy walmart cam - poor pic quality. No info on pic (not even time). I keep it set out behind the house where I can service it regularly. Don't buy one of these.

I've got one of the new Cuddyback excites. It is a good cam with lower pic quality.

Ive got 2 of the Cuddyback experts.

All in all I am pleased with the Cuddybacks. I think they are regarded as the industry leader.

I don't do anything special to secure the cams other than what was provided and have never (knock on wood) had one stolen. A lot of folks are not so lucky.

Never used an "invisible flash". I don't know that it is necessary as the flash doesn't seem to scare the deer (at least too much). I think some get used to it better than others.

IR flash is noticeable - red light that you can see.

If you want to catch a trespasser, disable the flash. For the most, part I think the trespasser would be out during daylight hours (never caught one on pic so what do I know).

Game cams are a hobby in themselves. I really enjoy checking the cams and usually can't wait till I am home to review the pics.

Go here..

You can learn a lot there as well as read dozens of reviews on different makes/models.

I think the key features are without a doubt

1.) trigger time and

2.) pic quality. The cuddys excel in both of those areas from what I've seen.

12-28-2006, 05:19
Excellent review!! Thanks so much for taking time to respond.
I'll check out the forum and consider your wise advise.

Best wishes.


12-28-2006, 10:32
You are welcome.

You will be absolutely amazed at the different animals that you'll get on pic.

I dump a bag of corn spread around in a 20' dia circle in front of the cam and have gotten pics of deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, bobcats, coyotes, possum, armadillos, raccoons, crows, billions of other birds, a snake, and even myself a few times. I'll typically get anywhere from 100-300 pics per camera per week when I check and bait them regularly.

Last year I got a string of pics (over the course of a few hours) of a couple of small bucks fighting It was amazing to see those in succession. Makes me wish I had a video activated.

You'll get pics of deer (bucks) that you didn't know otherwise that were even there.

01-07-2007, 20:54
You really get a decent picture with the ir illum?