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01-04-2007, 13:46
Pardon me for interrupting. Never served, but have had an interest in military history.

I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference between Recon and Force Recon.

It's been bothering me for awhile.

Thanks for looking/answering!

Take care and stay safe...:wavey:

01-04-2007, 15:42
I was in the airwing, but I'll try to explain it as I understood it.

Recon: Operated out of LAV's or Hummers, there job was to operate forward of the battalion scouting out enemy positions and relaying the info back to the higher ups.

Force Recon: Basically the Marine Corps version of Special Forces. In my experience, they usually worked as single platoons. We would transport them out (CH-46E) and drop them off the beach in zodiacs (rubber raft), take them out doing various altitude parachute drops, long range swims, drops on remote cliffs, , fast rope, VBSS (visit, board, search, and seizure) taking down ships, etc. There purpose is to operate behind enemy lines, and they are more specialized than Recon.

Recon finds the enemy lines, Force recon is already behind it basically.

Hope this makes sense.

01-04-2007, 20:43
Basically, Recon Battalion is responsible for post-assault recon in support of the Division Commander, where as, Force Recon does pre-assualt recon and deep post-assault recon, and reports to the MEF Commander. Major differences between, basically (again), the two are insertion methods into the pre/post reconnaisance areas, recon methods associated with mission. Both are responsible for intelligence gathering, Force Recon is more involved.

01-05-2007, 22:36
Thanks for the info!