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01-05-2007, 21:24
after two years of trying to get a mule deer in az i finally shot one a while back it is a 5x6 (not including the eye gaurds) it is nearly perfectly semetrical except oviously one point. it has antlers like a white tail the taxidermist said " it goes foward like a white tail not like a mule deer.) anyways i just just like to know how to score it thanks. also post what would be a good score

01-06-2007, 10:15
Here's how Boone and Crocket score them:

Here's some more instructions:

As for what's a good score?

I don't know, I've seen a lot of references in magazines to 170+ and 200+ deer antlers. I have a nice 10 point rack hanging on the wall. I shot it about 18 year ago in Minnesota. I finally measured it a few years ago, I thought it was a nice big deer, others have commented on it as well. IIRC it measured about 115".

G36's Rule
01-06-2007, 20:15
Vafish's links will tell you how to do it. Basically it is a measurement of total inches of horns + spread. Unfortunately they then start to subtract for differences make things more complicated than need be.

Two different divisions within the records. Typical and Non-Typical. To make book in Whitetail Typical division you have to have a net dry score of 170. To make book in Whitetail Non-Typical you have to hit 190.

Mule deer minumums are 190 and 230.

As Vafish says, what most of us think of as a really good deer don't add up to much in the B&C system sometimes. I shot the deer in the attached picture several years ago. He is my best Whitetail and I am very proud of him. He scored in the high 120's.