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Just go to Mark's in B'ham...

01-07-2007, 06:59
Originally posted by evilghost
Perhaps many of you may know about or have been to Southeastern Guns located in Trussville, Alabama off HWY 11. I've seen a few of the posts here about negative experiences with their customer service, general attitude, price-gouging, and demeanor so I would like to share my experiences today.

On the way back from the gunshow (decent one today at the BJCC) I stopped in hoping to purchase a 4" 500 S&W (after having shot/owned the 8 3/8" and liking it). I brought with me a excellent condition Walter P22 with an additional magazine, factory hard case, documentation, the works purchased from the same place (SE Guns) for $279. I asked what I could get for a trade and the rather annoyed salesperson rather curtly said "How much are you wanting". I replied, I don't know, $200/$220 to which he laughed and said there was no way. I told him make me an offer; a few seconds later he returned stating $175 was the absolute maximum he would give me (and acting as if he were doing me a favor by offering that much) and refused to even negotiate on the $899 for the 4" saying "My prices are here, you either like them or you don't".

I'm not sure how these folks stay in business but perhaps other GT members could chime in on their experiences. The entire shop seems to be run by rude gentlemen who would rather tell you what you need versus listening to what you're looking for. Kimber may be great but $1200 for a 1911 isn't a cure-all to everything.

Kahr may be a great pistol but don't try to sell me the one in the case where the barrel shroud has peened itself and it fires out of battery.

Where do ya'll shop aside from Gun Shows where the people there aren't clowns? I stopped in there recently as I went into town to visit my brother in Roebuck. (I moved to Tennessee) I felt uncomfortable also by the atmosphere within the place.......If I were to take a wild guess,...It was not the owners son, the long haired guy. I would guess that I was the buzz cut quazi G I Joe military guy (possible L.E.), short stocky, with the arrogant attitude.....Am I right ?

But,....regardless of attitude,.....they have a Hell of a quality selection of weaponry.

01-07-2007, 14:23
Over the years I have bought maybe 10 pistols there. The service has declined and the prices used to be better. But for the most part they are still the most reasonable I have found. It's hit or miss for me with the cs.


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Joe D
01-07-2007, 16:56
I bought a couple of guns from SE last month. I had a Kimber Custom Stainless Target Series I that I wanted to trade for a Glock 34. The Kimber had been shot a good bit but was in good condition. Owner said he was not interested. Hmmmmm I just bought two guns from them the week before.
Went to Marks and swapped for a brand new G34 even. He did not have the Glock in stock. He ordered it for me. Came in 2 days later.

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I've been a regular customer of the Gun Cellar in Hoover for many years. Nice bunch of folks to do business with.

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Joe D
01-13-2007, 05:48
The Chris guy is a Mtn Brook LE. He is not that bad of a guy once you get him past the typical macho LE stuff. He shares the same issues some LEs have - a little too much testosterone. I have found a great cure for that syndrome though. It has worked with the Hoover PD pretty well. My wife can out shoot every single member of the Hoover PD including SWAT. You can watch the testosterone drain from their bodies when they see her shoot.
The sad part is these guys never shoot in any matches. The ones that have usually wind up at the bottom. They also have a habit of shooting the hostage targets. It's like they belong to this macho club. Within this club they have convinced themselves they can shoot. When they step out of this club and compete with civilians that can shoot their ego gets bruised severely.
I trained a lot of LEs when we lived in Atlanta. I can honestly say I have only met two that I would trust in their shooting abilities to back me up. These two guys practiced a lot and shot the local matches.
People would be shocked if they knew how poorly most LEs shoot. I guess they think they will never have to use their weapon.

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SE has always had the best prices in town on new stuff and very good prices on used things. The reason they have great prices on used stuff is they offer the worst/lowest trade-in credits. I don't think they do anything but mark up used guns 20% like everybody else in town. They by far have the worst customer service. The only one I will deal with is Mike, the owner, if he is not there I am walking out.

On the other hand, I won't pay 5-20% higher prices for any gun just to be treated a certain way or feel warm and fuzzy about my buying experience, but that is just me and my thick skinned bad attitude. I certainly know a lot of people who will have nothing to do with the place because of the help.

I will keep buying as long as they have the best prices because I simply don't care at all about the rest of it. That is how they stay in business and have the biggest inventory in town. Lots of people are willing to look past the poor ambiance of the place to get the best deal (unless you are trading).

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Originally posted by evilghost ...to have both low prices and reasonable customer service. [/B]

Yes, I think Mike Davenport (SEG owner) has a BIG blind spot on this issue and both does not see the problem and discounts it in the moments he does. It costs him. There are hundreds who have made the same choice of not doing business with them.

If they got the right people, on friendly pills or something, they could certainly drain the swamp for some of the other gun shops and put them under, especially when it was combined with their price and selection, but it appears they never will...

01-19-2007, 21:00
I have used SEGuns before did not like there attitude.They where probly the rudist bunch of guys I have ever been around. So I tried Harrisons in Springville. ended up buying a S&W 500 4" for a better price without all the attitude. I will buy every gun from now on from Harrison Supply.

01-19-2007, 22:05
Sounds like a shop called 'Kevin's' in Tallahassee, FL and Thomasville, GA.

01-24-2007, 16:49
Two more centsÖ..I agree with you that SEG is lacking in the CS department. Actually, they are quite rude. I've bought guns from just about all over the greater B'ham area and they by far have the worst attitudes. My brother and I were shopping in there this past weekend and could hardly get anyone to talk to us or show us any thing and he had cash burning a hole in his pocket. Unfortunately, they do have the best selection of handguns and recreational long guns. So I usually muster up some patience and thick skin to go there and shop. Once I find something I like, I usually go to Marks Outdoors, Birmingham Pistol Parlor (Tarrant), or Gun Cellar (Hoover) to see if they have what I want at the right price. And if they donít, they usually will order them for you if youíll put some money down. Just so happens, Markís had a G22 in the case and met SEGís price without argument (only a few dollars difference any way). We broke it in Sunday in the cold, wet weather. But the thought that I use SEG to pick out what I want (my brother on this occasion) and get it some place else, always gives me a warm feeling inside. Iíll check out Harrison Supply next time I get a chance. I live in Trussville, so Iím out that way a good bit. Thanks for the tip.

01-24-2007, 21:12
Yes, please try Harrisons Supply tell them that you want a gun. Ask for Mike or Zack they will get or order anything you need. Not only are they nice and courteos I will guarantee you will not find a friendlier place.

02-10-2007, 19:35
Traded with them for years. Spent thousands of dollars with them.

Usually treated me like crap. Purchased a 1000 dollar pistol a month ago and Mike the owner refused to ship it back to the factory because it was jamming after the break in period. He never looked at it but said it was fine and he would NOT ship it back. And this is with me paying shipping.

I told him I'd never trade with him again. He said fine.

The skinhead cop that works there is extremely arrogant. He has brought his young arrogant cop attitude with him to SE GUNS. He is mistaken that we are his subjects when we shop at SE GUNS.

Almost got into it with him one day because of his attitude.

I'm 56 years old and nice to everyone I meet. There's only one catch with that. I expect it back. I'm way to old to tolerate a child's attitude in the form of a midget cop. I mean the guy still has afterbirth behind his ears. Actually he probably has SGS Syndrome.

Take your hard earned dollars to a store that appreciates your business.


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Its unanimous. Ill never go there again, certainly.

02-10-2007, 21:12
tell me more about the shop in Springville, I'm interested.

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Originally posted by evilghost
It's named "Harrison's Hardware", it's right off Main Street (HWY 11). Guy that owns it is named Mike Harrison. He's got great prices on pistols and rifles. Mostly high quality used stuff, any of the new things he orders. It's worth stopping by and checking out; no selection like SE Guns but the guy won't talk down to you either. It's a family owned hardware store (like the old days).

When I venture back to Birmingham for a visit, I will stop by the place that you just mentioned and see what he has. From what I gather from your post, he must be close to the light, down from the antique store that I used to visit several years ago.

02-11-2007, 08:26
I gotta ask you evilghost. Is that really a picture of you?

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hahahaha! it is a neat picture.

here's a better picture of me.

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actually the only difference between evilghost and that picture is that evilghost does not look that good in person. :P

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03-25-2007, 21:14
I've purchased two weapons from SEG and I probably will be back...to window shop. They have a lot of nice guns to look at, but like most others have said, the customer service sucks 99% of the time. The prices are ok, but I will definitely be checking out Harrison's since I live just across the county from Springville.

Fear Night
04-15-2007, 20:32
I pretty much buy my guns exclusively from the Gun Cellar in Hoover. Great place.

This weekend they didn't have the 629 classic I wanted, so I called around and located one at Simmons Sporting Goods in Bessemer. I would definitely deal with them again, they are another quality gun dealer.

Mark's is nice but somehow the place is always PACKED FULL of people every time I go. Can't even move around or get a look at the guns with all the people standing around. Never had the patience to deal with them.

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Did you work at Samford University?

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evil ghost,

if that's a picture of you, i think you have a 9:00 o'clock shadow.
geeze louise!!


Beardface Mcgee
03-05-2015, 18:36
starting to think this forum died off

03-05-2015, 20:14
I have stopped in several times since the thread and the attitudes are still in the shop. Selection is still good but stagnant, no different from times past. I pretty much have written them off.

I do patronize and prefer Simmon's Sporting Goods in Bessemer these days.

03-06-2015, 03:28
SEG is the worst gun shop I've been in. The arrogance and holier than thou attitude runs many customers away. I went in looking for some Kel Tec mags. The long haired guy shouted for Mike the owner to come out, which he did, at which point he said "Hey Mike, he's looking for Kel Tec mags". He said it like it was a big joke. Mike looked at me and asked me "Why", in a condescending tone. I said forget it, I'll go somewhere when I can be helped, not ridiculed. He told me fine, and I walked out. I will never darken their door again either.

03-06-2015, 06:41
From the info the OP posted before removing it, it looks like they gave him as good a trade-in price on the .22 as anybody would and quoted him $899 on a S&W 500 that you'd be lucky to get at a bargain price of $1,000 anywhere else.

Even Bud's prices the 4" .500 at $1,054. Was the S&W used? because $899 is way too cheap for a new one.

Sounds like Southesastern Guns is a pretty good place - surprisingly low prices and no marking the price up and making you negotiate it down. Wish I lived near them.

I can only guess the OP is new to guns and gun trading. That is backed up by his comments on the attitude of the gun shop employees - if you get that, it usually means the guy behind the counter pegged you for a newb.

03-21-2015, 11:20
I have traded with SEG several times in the past. Only when Paul worked there did I get treated as I felt was appropriate. I have purchased a few guns there, and they recognize me when I walk in. Their prices are consistently better than other lgs's and lately cs has been better. B'ham Pistol Wholesale has equal or better selection, and nicer guys behind the counter. B & B in Gadsden or Anniston are by far my favorites, and they have tools, too. Shotgun Supply in Saks is way too high for me and Creedmore Armory is in a league of their own, in their minds. Now you know my opinion on the lgs's around here, for what it's worth.............nothing.:wavey: