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01-08-2007, 18:36
All my life I grew up hunting. This season I had the privelage to serve as hunting guide to both roomate and my cousin. My cousin took his first deer ever on our hunt with a 25-06 browning A-Bolt at 150yds. I also took my roomate on his first trophy deer hunt. He took his trophy buck at over 350 yards. He and I have done a lot of hunting together practicin and harvesting animals at extended ranges before but mostly for game management purposes. I was therefore very confident in his abilities and just as proud as he was to be a part of the hunt. We also did a bit of varmint hunting. A great season overall, one to remember. See pics.

01-08-2007, 18:38
My roomate's buck

01-08-2007, 18:41
The Varmints

01-08-2007, 18:44
Ill try again

01-08-2007, 18:45

01-08-2007, 18:47
Nevermind, you'll just have to imagine.