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01-14-2007, 18:15
my wife wants to get another tat before I leave for basic training. She wants a lotus design. Give some ideas on where to go, provide a link or phone number please!

Only place I know that does this type of work really well is Suffer City off of Garland Rd. in Dallas. I prefer someone who specializes in asain culture tats if possible.

Thanks in advance


01-15-2007, 12:50

01-15-2007, 19:04
Randy Adams in Ft. Worth... I'll dig up his card.

Wil did mine.

01-15-2007, 20:35
I have heard of them before somewhere. Do you have any pics?

Glock Holmes Syndrome
02-04-2007, 12:47
Well being a Tattoo Artist you end up Knowin some people. You should try the Good 'Ol boys down a Ace of Spades in downtown Deep Ellum they're work and shading is comparable to the guys down @ Miami Ink. They also hire artist by specialty. One who does lettering one who does tribal ETC. ETC. Also if you go during the day tey'll be able to custom draw you anything for a cheaper rate!

02-04-2007, 14:34
Hmmm, let me look it up. Know the address or artist names by chance? I'm looking for someone who knows Japenese style really well. I found two so far, one at Fineline in Garland and one at Cat tattoo in Addison.

02-04-2007, 22:10
Try Mr. Luckys on N. St Mary's.

02-07-2007, 05:51
Originally posted by shuckersfan
Randy Adams in Ft. Worth... I'll dig up his card.

Wil did mine.
I've gotten one from Wil and one from Smitty and there both excellent.

Randy Adams Tattoo Studio
6467 E. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76112

02-07-2007, 09:07
and really too far, however, my cousins tattoo shop won best shop in Houston. Everyone in there does very good work, and Im not saying that just because he's my cousin, trust me, I was a "test subject" for a while when he wasnt so good. lol but, its in Houston.

Bombshell Tattoos on Westheimer in Houston.

02-07-2007, 10:18
Thanks for all the help guys. We went to Cat tattoo in Addison last night and the guy is drawing up the tattoo and she is getting it tonight. I will take pics.

02-21-2007, 14:51
Arc Angel or Mr. Lucky's in San Antonio. Two of the best places in the state! Check out my name, I ought to know!!!

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