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01-19-2007, 06:04
One of my favorite places to go in Laura Run (Giants Despair) has finally been shut down. It was a great location. With a Jeep, you could drive about a mile or so into the area and shhot in a very safe place.

Illegal dumpers have made it a priority among the local officials to finally fence off the area.

Quite honestly, I don't know of any other safe areas to shoot.

I'd be happy to go to a public range if their was one.

Does anybody know of a safe place to shoot here?

I'm off road capable so rough conditions are OK.

Some time ago, I spoke to an officer from I think it was the Game commission or maybe the department that contols State land areas. He said I was allowed to shoot targets on PA State land ans long as I had a safe backstop and didn't shoot at living trees. Now, I know that it is a long shot to find state land that I can walk to a safe area to shoot without trees!!!

Signed-- Desperate to shoot

Steve in PA
01-19-2007, 11:06
I grew up in Wilkes-Barre Twp (Georgetown) and there used to be a ton of places to shoot in and around the area. Not to nit pick, but the area is "Laurel Run".

The PGC has several ranges in the area, but you must adhere to their rules & regs (no more than 6-rounds in a handgun, 3-rounds in rifles, etc).

SGL #127 (Brady's Lake) is probably the closest. The range at SGL #91 (Suscon Road) has been closed down for a few years. There is another range outside of the Hazelton/Weatherly area and another off Rt 118 near Red Rock.

A few years ago a sportsmans orginzation wanted to help develop a range near Mountain Top, off of Rt 437 I think, but it was shot down.

01-19-2007, 18:42
I have always adhered to the rule of 6 rounds in a handgun and 3 rounds in a long gun but I am curious if you know the reasoning behind the rule.

Steve in PA
01-19-2007, 20:48
Probably to keep idiots from standing there emptying a 15-round handgun mag or multiple 30-round AR mags as fast as they can pull the trigger. Most of the rounds never hit the target. Think I'm lying, go up to the Brady's Lake range on the weekend and watch all the homies from across the Delaware River who are there. I never, ever go there unless its during the week.

Actually, I think the reason behind it is so that someone won't tie up the range while person are wanting to go down range. The round limitation results in a built in break on the firing line.

Remember, those ranges were primarily built for the hunting crowd and while you do not have to hunt or even buy a hunting license to use them, complaints will get them shut down or heavily monitored.

01-19-2007, 20:55
Thanks Steve! :thumbsup:

01-20-2007, 07:50
Thanks for the help....

I know about most of the "public" ranges, but was hoping to find a private range or a club range that doesn't have mostly hunters sighting rifles.

Nothing against hunters, but rifle sighting doesn't mix well with handgun self defense type shooting.

I'd even like to know about some out of the way areas in the woods that have been established as shooting areas.

01-20-2007, 12:33
The range off of RT118 is set up with 3 ranges. on the left is a 50&75 yd targets, the center is 100yds and the right is 25&15 yd targets. There are berms which seperate the ranges so you are not affected by the hunters sighting in there rifles.

Steve in PA
01-20-2007, 17:45
Well, the problem you run into is that none of these ranges are set up for "self-defense" training. They are static ranges designed for shooting from a set position. You can still do double-taps, reloads, etc but there may be several other shooters there and it gets kind of congested. This is why my wife and I normally only go to the range during the week when most of the time we have the range to ourselves.

These are from the range off Rt 118. This is the left side of the range.

The middle rifle range.

The right side with the handgun & rifle sight in.

01-20-2007, 18:16
Its a shame the place doesn't look as good as it does in your pics.
They have been letting the maintance slip a bit since after more people started abuse it. Ever since the range near Bear Creek(Suscon Rd) was shut down the range on 118 has been abused much more.
I will only go there during the week as well.

Steve in PA
01-20-2007, 22:39
The only side that really gets abused is the handgun range. Idiots like to shoot the 2x4's for some reason!!

Actually, this range has the most upkeep I've ever seen on any of the ranges which is why we go there. We've been there many times this year and the range (except for the 2x4's) was alwasy in great shape.

The handgun pic was from this year, the other two pics were from last year.

01-21-2007, 08:00
Thanks for the pics!

01-21-2007, 08:40
My father and his hunting buddies always used the Suscon Road range for pre-deer season sighting & zeroing...last year he used the range out on 118 and being retired was lucky enough to go out during the week to avoid the weekend traffic jams...I don't have the same fortune, so I start sighting early (September) and write down the adjustments for my multipurpose weapons (revolvers & shotgun w/ adjustable sights) for my selected loads and make final adjustments a few days before season starts;

I used to live out in Carlisle and used the ranges out on 944 in game lands #230; halfway thru 2006, the handgun range got shot to hell and it was closed for several months (abusers pure and simple); I had to drive over into York County and use a PGC range over there; the range in York County was a co-op effort between the PGC and a local sprotsmens' afficianado group, so the abuse factor was almost nonexistent and the upkeep was alot more frequent since 'club' members were out there alot and kept an eye on folks

I've spotted a PGC officer 'hangin' in the brush/woods surrounding the Carlisle handgun range after a series of phone calls alerted them to abuse...he sat and watched & listened to the amount of shots I had fired off; as I was packin my stuff up one time, another person arrived and started popping 10 round strings off and a PGC deputy came trottin out of the woods behind us and proceeded to 'inspect' my firearms (I had a 5-shot snubby and a 6-shot wheelie with me) and asked me about the posted rules (the other guy had stopped shooting and was glaring in my direction wondering what was going on); he stated that he was hearing 11 shot strings being fired; I explained that I was loading both guns and firing them consecutively so he turned his attention to the other guy; I excused myself and left...I didn't see that particluar individual again after that

summary: abusers can destroy any range and ruin things for honest's a co-op effort and we need to make 'newcomers' aware of the rules in a polite and tactful manner; hopefully they will comply and make a good shooting day for everyone; If I see someone shooting off more than the limit, I refer them to the rules; if they continue to shoot long strings, I pack up and leave

01-31-2007, 05:23
I live in Tunkhannock on a 250 + Acre farm on the side of a mountain (plenty of hills) surrounded by some wooded area and the susk. river, Me and some friends shoot on the weekends, we do whatever we want out here(action shooting, etc.), as long as everyone's safe it's cool. Shoot me a line sometime if you and the wife wanna come out and shoot, maybe you can show us a thing or two, I got my g19 for christmas NIB and so did one of my friends (XD9 NIB) so we'd love some pointers these are our first, and i personally am interested in getting into some GSSF events when i'm ready, and i was even thinking of trying to talk the guy who owns the farm (my landloard) into letting me setup some mach GSSF courses, he's retired Airforce so he's awsome about letting us shoot, he comes out and shoots his 38 special sometimes and shows us how it's really done.