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View Full Version : Good first person shooter for Gamecube?

01-20-2007, 21:50
For those days when I need a break from AA, I'd like a shooter game for my kids gamecube.

02-10-2007, 04:04
Depends on what you want. Time Crisis 2 is a great FPS, done by the Goldeneye team from the N64 days. If you want a bread and butter FPS with smooth as silk controls, this is it, not to mention it has a design mode where you make your own stages. However, my one of my personal faves is a very big departure from your run of the mill FPS, namely Killer 7. NOT FOR CHILDREN or really for adults. This game, although stylized in cel-shading is ULTRA violent and deals with EXTREMELY adult content not to mention the storyline makes tinfoil wearing black-helicopter types look perfectly reasonable. For a review, click here.

HOLY COW!! How could I almost forget Resident Evil 4? Undoubtedly the most beautiful (as in visually appealing, somebody's head bursting into a multi-tentacled beast is never pretty) game ever made for the cube, or just about any system of its generation. This is without a doubt my favorite game I have ever played on this system.

04-22-2007, 21:36
Metroid Prime, hands down. Resident Evil 4, while not a FPS, is one of the best games on the Cube.