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01-26-2007, 16:16

:laughabove: About 4 minutes :car:

01-29-2007, 23:44
I would love to have a vehicle to beat around with. Maybe not to that extent but still. The launching it onto old cars was awesome...very monster truck. That thing took a lot of abuse before dying.

01-30-2007, 00:13
Freaking Morons!:shocked:

02-05-2007, 13:07
There is alittle background to that vehicle. IT is a rusty pile. The floor was supposedly rusted out , it leaked from where ever it could. IMHO it had a blaze of glory before being put down.

02-06-2007, 21:39
Originally posted by Blitzer
Freaking Morons!:shocked:

I think someone's jealous 'cause they weren't invited ! ;)