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01-26-2007, 21:59
Anyone have any feedback on having the bladder tied up in a sling ? Wife is considering having it done. Is worrying about complications.

01-27-2007, 16:12

There's always the chance of complications to any surgery, even the simplest ones.

Is there a reason she is worried about complications, meaning does she have other underlying health problems that would make recovery from this surgery more problematic? The best person to talk to about any concerns she has is her surgeon, well before surgery. Then, the decision becomes a matter of weighing the risk vs. benefits.

Mrs. VR
01-27-2007, 17:59
I know there are a couple people here on GT who have had it done, I"ll forward a link to this thread to them in case they wish to either post about it, or PM you. Best of luck to your wife.

B. Somm
01-27-2007, 18:13
Hi Bill!

I had a "Monarch Sling" put in to help support my bladder about 2 years ago. The only complication that I had was one of the external suture sites that didn't want to heal as fast as the other one!

Otherwise, it wasn't too painful and I haven't had any problems. I still have some incontinance issues around "that time", but that's only if I let my bladder get too full.

There are two types of slings, one that's made from cadaver tissue and one (the Monarch Sling) which is synthetic. The cadaver one is more invasive and there is a higher chance of rejection. I can't remember if the PT has to take anti-rejection meds or not, but with the Monarch Sling, the recovery period is shorter, less invasive and less hassles!

Feel free to PM or email me ( if you or your wife have any questions!

B. :)

01-27-2007, 21:14
Thanks for the replies. There were 3 options given. She already rejected the cadaver idea. She has not really had any problems after her other surgeries. Just kinda paranoid after getting reflex sympathetic dystropy in an arm after a wrist sprain and in a leg after a cortisone injection.