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01-28-2007, 16:23

Date: March 17. Location: Scott Mountain Range, Fort Knox, Kentucky.
Eligibility: Anyone 12 years of age or older may participate in the clinic.

Entry Fee: $40.00 Adults, $15 Juniors. Make checks payable to Meade Co Sportsmen’s Club (MCSC). Clinic proceeds support junior high power shooting.

Entries: The range capacity is 50 shooters. Advanced entries must include name, complete address, telephone number, and payment of entry fee for each individual. All advanced entries must reach the clinic coordinator by the last Tuesday before the match date. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be sent if the entry is to be acknowledged. The clinic is held on a military installation and subject to cancellation by the Army with little notice. Without a telephone number, you may not be advised of any schedule changes.

Mail advanced entries to: Aubrey Brock, 102 Carey Lane, Elizabethtown, KY 42701; (270) 766-1768, collect calls will not be accepted. The clinic coordinator must have your name and address on the gate roster prior to the clinic date so call it in if in doubt. Information on other highpower matches can be found at or

Rifles and Ammunition: M1 Garand rifles will be provided at the range and caliber .30 M2 Ball ammunition will be issued on the firing line. Other Service Rifles such as AR15, M1 Carbine, 1903 Springfield Service Rifles and NRA Match Rifles are allowed but no ammunition will be issued for them. The entry fee is $40 whether or not you use the supplied rifles or ammo.

Rules: This is a CMP Approved Clinic and current CMP competition rules apply. Unless modified by this program, current NRA rules will govern the firing procedures. Open bolt indicators are required (Rule 3.21). All competitors will wear eye and ear protection (Rules 3.19 & 3.20) in the pits. On the firing line, all competitors will wear hearing protection and eye protection is highly encouraged. Competitors will score, work in the target pits, and assist the Range and Pit Officers as required. The use of plug type scoring gauges is restricted to the Pit Officer only. No challenges, alibis, or refires will be allowed because of rifle or ammo malfunctions or inability to reload in any stage.

Schedule of Events: This is a busy day, every effort will be made to keep on schedule.
7:30am – Gather at gate to Scott Mountain Range.
8:00am – Open gate, travel to 600 yard line, confirm entries.
8:30am – Welcome, safety briefing, roll call, break group into four relays.
9:00am – Depart for instruction stations at target pits, 200 yard line, and 300 yard line.
9:15am – Begin course of instruction, 30 min of instruction and 15 min to rotate stations.
10:00am – Start second station.
10:45am – Start third station.
11:30am – Start fourth station.
12:00pm – Set up range for firing.
12:30pm – Relay 1 shoots course of fire, relay 2 scores, relays 3 & 4 in the pits.
1:30pm – Relay 2 shoots course of fire, relay 1 scores, relays 3 & 4 in the pits.
2:30pm – Rotate between firing line and pits.
3:00pm – Relay 3 shoots course of fire, relay 4 scores, relays 1 & 2 in the pits.
4:00pm – Relay 4 shoots course of fire, relay 3 scores, relays 1 & 2 in the pits.
5:00pm – Clean up: relays 1 & 2 police the pits and relays 3 & 4 police the firing lines.
5:30pm – Questions and answers.
6:00pm – Leave range.

Course of Instruction: The day’s instruction is broken into four stations.
Station 1 – 300 yard line, firing point 3: assembly/disassembly & maintenance of rifle.
Station 2 – 300 yard line, firing point 8: sight alignment, trigger control, firing the shot.
Station 3 – 200 yard line, firing point 6: positions, range commands, demonstration.
Station 4 – Target pits, target 6: marking targets, scoring, safety, range etiquette.

Course of Fire: Firing will be at 200 yards; there will be a coach on each firing point.
Stage 1 – Slow fire, prone; 2 sighters & 20 record shots in 22 min; rounds single loaded.
Stage 2 – Rapid fire, prone; 10 shots in 70 seconds with a clip or magazine change.
Stage 3 – Rapid fire, sitting; 10 shots in 60 seconds with a clip or magazine change.
Stage 4 – Slow fire, standing; 10 shots in 10 minutes; all rounds must be single loaded.

General: Bring your own food and water. Competitors are encouraged to car pool and park as many vehicles as possible in the 600 yard line parking area. If personal vehicles interfere with running the clinic, we will require all vehicles to be left at the 600 yard line.

Motels: There are some motels near the range, including:
Best Western Gold Vault Inn, 1225 N Dixie Hwy, Radcliff (270) 351-1141.
Golden Manor Motel, 346 Dixie Hwy, Muldraugh (270) 942-2800.

Directions: From Highway 31W, Dixie Highway, in Muldraugh enter the post through the Brandenburg Gate & continue to Frazier Rd, turn left onto Frazier Rd & go to the four way stop at Wilson Rd, go straight through the intersection & travel down Main Range Rd past French Range. Continue down Main Range Rd & go down a very steep hill, at the base of the hill turn left onto Porter River Rd. Follow Porter River Rd across the bridge to the first gate on the right, turn right & go up the steep hill on the gravel road.

Gate Procedures: All shooters must use the Brandenburg Gate to enter Fort Knox. Have a picture ID and match program ready at the gate. Tell the gate guards you are traveling to the rifle clinic at Scott Mountain Range and whether or not you have any firearms. Bring only the firearms you plan to shoot and call the clinic coordinator prior to the clinic to have your name and address on the gate roster. Your vehicle may be searched and you may be asked for vehicle registration and proof of insurance papers. This happens to everyone entering the post whose vehicle is not registered on Fort Knox, not just people with firearms. It is very helpful to be cooperative and polite when dealing with the guards. Unless on official law enforcement business, Fort Knox considers all peace officers as civilians and thus subject to all these requirements.

CAUTION: The clinic is on a U.S. military installation and everyone is subject to all applicable federal laws and military regulations while on post. Concealed Carry Permits are not valid on federal installations and carrying concealed weapons of any kind on Ft. Knox is against federal law and military regulations. Competitors should arrive at Fort Knox early in order to process through the gate and arrive at the clinic promptly. All firearms must be unloaded and secured in an appropriate container. Ammunition must also be stored in appropriate containers and kept separate from firearms.

MATCH IS FULL................ UPDATE........... Match is FULL

01-28-2007, 17:34
I currently have a Garand on order from the CMP. I might like to do the clinic. Hopefully mine will be here by then. It has been a long ordeal as they seem to move at a snails pace.
You can also bring your AR ? That might be a good place to learn more about it as well.

01-28-2007, 18:20
The clinic last year only one person shot the AR and they had .30 cal carbines for younger folks that didn't like the recoil of the Garand.

It is a great time and I learn a lot about shooting and the garand. Skip did a great overview of sight picture and calculating wind.

01-28-2007, 18:37
Sounds like I'm in. I'll down load the info. Thanks for the info. Have you bought a Garand from the CMP ? If so how long did it take you to get it ?

01-28-2007, 18:39
Tried the Meade County link and it did not work. Is it correct ?

01-28-2007, 18:57
Will have to look up the link. Yes, I bought 4 Garands, but drove to Camp Perry and spent 3 hours picking out cherry ones. My worst gun has a ME of a 3, the others are either a 2 or 1.

Also picked up several cases of Greek Ammo. It would have cost me more to have a shipped to me and it was a nice ROAD TRIP.

01-29-2007, 17:40
+1 on going to Camp Perry.

You have never seen such a bunch of Rifle Enthusiast.!

I shot in the Civilian Marksman Ship program and ended up buying a shooting jacket.

Stayed in a little house and slept on a sleeping bag.

Had a great time.

I will probably go to this clinic as well.

Before going to Camp Perry I asked the official if I could carry my pistol to Camp Perry they said it was ok but it would have to be unloaded and kept unloaded and could not be carried on me while at Camp Perry.

Upon entering camp Perry I informed the guards that I was carrying. I was asked to unload the pistol into a sand barrel and keep the ammo and pistol seperate and to not carry the pistol.

Do similar rules apply at Ft. Knox?

I realize that it would be easier to just not take the pistol but for people that believe in carrying for protection do the same rules apply?

I heard from some guys that went to the match that getting into Ft. Knox for this match is not a plesant experience.
The person I spoke with said the guards found some hot .22 cal rounds in the glove compartment and went ballastic.

01-29-2007, 18:24
Are you going to bring your AR ?? I'd leave the pistol at home. I've heard other horror stories.

01-29-2007, 18:27
Originally posted by Berretta9
Are you going to bring your AR ?? I'd leave the pistol at home. I've heard other horror stories.

I am going to shoot their Grand.

Just shoot one of their rifles. They supply the ammo and the expertise to use the weapon they supply.

01-29-2007, 18:32
Originally posted by Berretta9
Tried the Meade County link and it did not work. Is it correct ?

Works fine now.

01-29-2007, 21:30
I wentt to get a tag for the deer hunt two years ago and had a shotgun shell in the floor of my truck and I got the pull over to the side and check my tonsil search. So be careful of what you take on the base.
I guess they didn't like my looks:rofl:

02-10-2007, 22:26
My Garand arrived today. Have to get dean to show me howto take it apart and clean it. P/M me if you want info on my CMP experience