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USMC Ryfleman
01-28-2007, 16:40
Can you tell me the requirements to shoot at this range, times to go, etc.... thanks in advance for your replys

01-28-2007, 20:16
At one time it was open to the public during the week. Last I checked (Dec.), it's now only open to the public on Saturdays. Not sure of the hours. I normally go to Shooters Express, as I have a membership and it's not far from the house.

01-30-2007, 16:08
I have shot there a couple of times. They are only open to the public 1 day a week (either Sat. or Sun.) and it isn't much of a range. It is the only outdoor range in the area that I know about and you are not allowed to shoot black powder on the range.

I also just make the drive out to Shooter's Express.