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01-29-2007, 00:45
Anybody know, post websites please, looking for ammo and other accessories, best prices welcome.


01-29-2007, 17:08
here's the website for h & h firearms (http://www.tacticalshack.com/store/catalog/index.html?MMCF_TSINDEX) in fort wayne. i doubt they have the best prices available, though.

01-29-2007, 23:09
Looked like a linky to " Tactical Shack", not H+H ....they do not appear to have a web-site...according to the yellow pages.

Also, in the yellow pages of our local phone-book, there are a few suppliers around, some in the Fort, others in surrounding towns, like Roanoke, Columbia City, Cherubusco, etc....

Hope this helps.



01-30-2007, 10:34
tactical shack is the online store version of h&h - same people. user names and passwords are they same as they were for the h&h site before the switch (2 yrs. ago, maybe?).

02-01-2007, 02:51
In Bluffton there is a 21st Century Firearms right across from the Wendy's...good prices in there. Thats where I'd usually pick up my cheap .17 Mach 2 ammo. Just outside of Bluffton on east State Road 124 there is a Frank's Sport Shop. Really good prices on alot of stuff. Open just a few days a week but it's worth it.

El Toro Loco
02-07-2007, 11:56
I can assure you that H&H doesn't have to best prices for ammo or firearms, and please don't even think about trying to trade something in on a new firearm. Literally pennies on the dollar. Go to Wal-mart for ammo. But if you need a firearm, wait for the next gun show in Ft Wayne or in Indy. I have heard good things about the gun show in Muncie, but haven't been there myself yet.

Alex\ El Toro Loco

02-08-2007, 21:04
Thanks guys....

02-08-2007, 21:16
North side of Churabusco nice people and good selection of new and used guns sometimes find good deals on ammo.Ron's Boom Bang (great name huh?) in New Haven. Sometimes good sometimes not so. 21st Century Blufton just opened and when reality sets in the prices might come down.Lots of full auto and long guns.For reloading do it on line.

02-09-2007, 16:23
Originally posted by rotorhead
North side of Churabusco nice people and good selection of new and used guns sometimes find good deals on ammo.

tomlinson's, right? they are nice people. they do ffl's, too.

02-10-2007, 20:09
"Ron's Boom Bang" in New Haven, eh? With a name like that, I gotta go there...at least check them out ....


ime out ;)