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R. Emmelman
02-05-2007, 13:01
... must have been partying all night! No one posting today :)

02-05-2007, 15:52
No just been at work.
On call and called to downtown last night right after the stroke of 10PM.
I had a short line of traffic to get into the building dock. Getting out turned real hairy after 12 and so I u-turned and drove out the wrong way on Maryland to Capital. They had some traffic blocks before I got there and more as I was leaving. Complete mad house last night in sub-zero weather.

02-05-2007, 16:08
Nah, I spent the morning going through boxes of my stuff to throw away what I didn't want and consolidate into few boxes (I'll be doing it the rest of my life, I think). Then I went to lunch with a buddy and my sister at a place called Vickery's for a kick-a** tenderloin. Then I transferred some IMG M193 from the original crate to a Flambeau dry box (that I had previously labeled) and put it in the garage).

I was going to hit the range this afternoon, but my buddy said we should go later in the week when it's warmer.

Our high here today was a balmy +6F, by the way! I don't know how cold it got last night, but the night before it went down to at least -4F (that's what my thermometer outside the kitchen window said about 0530 Sunday morning) and it was colder last night.

Did something happen over the weekend that would provoke parties??

Patrick Graham
02-05-2007, 16:16
Originally posted by rhino465

I was going to hit the range this afternoon, but my buddy said we should go later in the week when it's warmer.


What range do you usually go to.. ACC..???

R. Emmelman
02-05-2007, 16:25

Suppose to get down to a toasty -9F tonight.

02-05-2007, 17:24
I'm here. Just completely buried in work right now; didn't even get to watch the game last night.

ETA: Better get your thermo clothing out!:supergrin:

02-05-2007, 19:28
I had to be somewhere at 8am this morning. -5*F and all!

Spent Sat night, 11p-7a, out and about as well.

I've had enough of this cold!

02-06-2007, 00:17
Originally posted by Patrick Graham
What range do you usually go to.. ACC..???


I don't go to ACC that often (other than matches). Usually only when a group is getting together to do something fun.

I usually go to my club near Crawfordsville, especially if I want to shoot rifles (we have 100 yards). If I want to shoot longer ranges, I'll go to RileyCC near Terre Haute where we have 240 yards available.

02-06-2007, 04:35
i just recovered from the game and its 2hrs before i have to goto work

hehehehe im not even back home in INDIANA!!! lol