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02-09-2007, 22:21
Hey guys. Saw this on AR15 and thought if you were in the Charlotte area you guys might be interested. If this is the wrong place I apologize.

Defensive Concepts North Carolina will be conducting Defensive Handgun training in Albemarle, NC, on 3 March 2007. The class will begin at 0830. This class is an (8) hour course. Three Instructors will be teaching the class.

Below is a brief course description:

Defensive Handgun

Nearly all violent attacks occur at social distances.

The Defensive Handgun course will expose students to handgun manipulation, marksmanship fundamentals and tactics using minimal classroom time and extensive live fire exercises. This course will provide concerned citizens with the skills and tactics necessary to gain a significant advantage over aggressive attackers during life-threatening encounters.

Course date: Saturday, 3 March 2007
Location: Albemarle, NC
Tuition: $125 per student
Class begins @ 0830 and will run for 8 hours (we will break for (1) hour for lunch)

This will be a very intensive course, so class size will be limited to (10) students.

To register for the course or to have questions about the course answered, please call me at (704)798-1560, or email me,

Seats for this class will fill quickly!!! We hope to see you at the class!!!

03-10-2007, 17:31
Hey guys! I ended up taking this class and man what a blast. Just wanted to post an AAR on the Defensive Handgun class by Defensive Concepts if anyone is interested. I took the class Mar 3, 2007 in Albemarle, NC. The instructors were Paul Eudy, Steve Hawley, and Chris C. Ran 550-600 rounds. What a day! This was a basic class but it showed a lot of the core fundamental techniques laced with some good stuff. This was my first formal class so I donít have much to compare it with however I felt this was a great class, I took a lot of positive things from it, and thought it was well taught, not too fast or slow and with a good atmosphere. At times you were colorfully given the material in huge chunks and then it was broken down step by step for you to absorb as much as possible.
We were slated to start at 8:30am and we did. This may not be all inclusive but highlights some of the stuff we were run through. We went through the safety brief then Chris, whoís training resume is larger than most college physics books, worked us through draw stroke fundamentals both dry firing and then live firing while moving, vocalizing, and finally assessing, scanning, and tactical and emergency reloading(Wyatt). We also covered the three types of malfunctions. Paul, prior Airborne and Tactical Response instructor, worked us through marksmanship fundamentals as we proceeded to whittle our groups down on DEA Dots. After lunch Steve, prior Marines and Tactical Response instructor, worked us through one hand shooting, shooting while kneeling, shooting with movement(forward, backward, and passing both on the right and the left), and shooting from retention on IPSC silhouettes. Finally, a little over the scheduled break time, we had two end instructor led drills that brought it all together while showing you how much you learned and how much you still have to learn. I thought the last drill especially articulated that while the tools the gave us for our toolbox work great, they may not be the tool you need for every situation and that you still need to have the right mindset of whatever it takes.
All in all I had a blast! I canít wait for the next class from Defensive Concepts! They were courteous while colorful, kept everything serious but also with a light mood, and overall enjoyable.