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02-09-2007, 22:41
Today was the Funereal of my brother in-law. He severed in Vietnam in the early 70ís. I am writing this to say thank you, to the Honor Guard that was there. I have no idea what the ceremony is called, where they fold the flag over the coffin and present the flag to the soldiers loved ones. To all of you Honor Guards that perform this ceremony, Thank You and to all that have severed this Nation again thank you

02-23-2007, 14:34
When Desert Shield kicked off in late 1990 I was set to get out of the Army 10/90 so my unit deployed and I was left on rear detachment to clear and get discharged. One of the duties we had the honor to perform was the burial ceremony, we got to be pall bearers, shoot the 21 gun salute and fold the flag for many Veterans. President Bush then made "stop loss" law and no one was allowed to retire or be discharged, I was then shiipped to saudi to join my unit for Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. Sorry for your loss, my eyes still tear up everytime I hear TAPS