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02-10-2007, 17:23
Went to the gun and knife show today at the Greensboro Coliseum.I was kind of disappointed, it seems that more and more gun shows are turning into a jewelry,book,and old military canteen show.Plus everbody wants to walk in ten different directions causing nobody to beable to move.But I guess I am just ranting, I still had a good time.;)

02-10-2007, 22:03
I went today also and I agree 100%

02-11-2007, 17:36
the only good deal was at the's booth. They had surplus 7.62x54 ammo cans for the same price as the website. Other than that is was overpriced stuff...i mean $100 for an enfield bayonet that you can get on ebay for $30, please. I dont like the C&E shows either, but at least they dont charge for parking and tickets are only $5. But its the first time i've been able to fondle G43s and Hakims.

02-14-2007, 11:45
I went as well to that show.

good times. I got 2 +2 extensions for 2 of my 3 G19 mags. A little 10 dollar nylon holster with a belt clip so I can carry it around in my pocket/belt/whatever when I am out shooting with friends. I bought an ammo box, and I think that is about it. I need to start saving up for the show in August.

My friend spent a grand on stuff. there is too much to list. Some of them are

Ruger 9mm handgun, I don't know what model but it was a full size.
1000rds of 7.62 ammo for $180.00
tactical stock for his shotgun
stock,scope,tri-rail, recoil suppressor for his SKS

Good times had by all IMO.

It was crowded though.