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02-10-2007, 22:47
Iíll try to put this in a tactful way, soís to not be obnoxious or offensive to those not interested, but itís my ďjobĒ in my congregation to print the program for the meeting each Sunday. Iíve found/formatted/tweaked until Iíve got what is a pretty good one that Iím happy to share. PM me your email if you're interested, and Iíll bounce back a template, itís a Word file Ė actually two, one for the first Sunday, and one for the other three of the month.


02-11-2007, 10:30
Is that a good "job"? I would guess it's better than wrangling kiddies in the primary (last job I had, when it was still okay for men, before "they" pretty much accused us all of being pedos). I always thought that passing those things out on Sunday would be the best "job" out there.

02-11-2007, 16:39
I don't even have to pass 'em out, we have some older couples that do that, I just make 'em.

I am absolutely NOT bragging, but I've been using different word processors for my entire professional life, and I'm moderately proficient with one, so it's a good fit.

Beats the "heck" out of preparing a lesson.